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073: The Overstimulated Mommy with Occupational Therapist Larissa Geleris

Do you ever feel yourself snapping at your kids or partner when you’re not even angry, you’re just overwhelmed. That’s called overstimulation and it happens when your brain has 50 tabs open and trying to move back and forth is both frustrating and overwhelming. I find myself wanting to wear ear plugs around the house just so that I can hear myself think. Noise is one of the many sensory factors that contribute to the sensory overload that many parents experience. Larissa Geleris, an occupational therapist and mother of two with extensive experience and training in Sensory Processing Disorder in children, uses that experience to support parents in understanding their own sensory triggers. And today, she’s going to help us understand our own sensory issues and how to cope with them in parenting. Show Notes: https://bit.ly/3wAthFO

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How do I cope with the load of motherhood? How do I raise good humans when I'm just trying to survive? How can I take care of my own mental health? And the biggest question of all: how do I redefine myself after going through the metamorphosis of motherhood? On the Happy as a Mother Podcast, host and psychotherapist Erica Djossa teaches strategies to help you cope with the psychological and emotional load of motherhood, guides you on a journey of self love and acceptance, and answers your tough parenting questions. Erica shares the best kept secrets of the therapy world, bringing you knowledge and education that puts you in the driver's seat of your emotional and psychological well being. Along with sharing her knowledge, she interviews other professionals (psychologists, pediatricians, psychiatrists, fertility specialists, lactation consultants, and more!) who provide their expertise to empower you on your motherhood journey. Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more.