By Lisa Lam

My goal is to help make a positive impact to everyone that I connect with that is authentic and enriching. This is one of the reasons that I have created this weekly podcast. The aim of this podcast is to help you grow and develop your skills and challenge your existing mindset and perceptions. My experience is largely based on my work as a leadership coach and marketing and business operations role in various companies such as Microsoft. For more information, check out


3 ways to eliminate distractions for a more productive you.

I think that it is safe to say that our lives are not just busy, but it is filled with distractions. Or in another words, we are busy because of the distractions. We want to be as productive as possible, but it is difficult not only because we have aRead more


3 Steps to Simplification to enhance your productivity.

How can we simplify in a world that is dominated with complexities and challenges? How can we make things simpler so that we are not overwhelmed with what we need to do? I believe that we all know the challenges with complexities, but what are the beRead more


Top 3 Critical Success Factors for Successful Productivity Habits

Have you ever wondered by some people seem to have great productivity habits while you are struggling with yours?  In this podcast, you will learn the top 3 critical success factors for successful productive habits which are Mindset, Routines and DisRead more


Productivity is Meaningless without Impact

In this podcast, you will learn why productivity is meaningless without impact. You want to be productive in the impactful.  Getting a list of 100 completed in a day might sound impressive but is it really?  Impact creates exponential results and outRead more


Productivity is dependent on Energy Management and Not just Time Management

In this podcast, you will learn the importance of energy management and its impact on productivity.  Time is a finite resource and therefore the management of time is purely a function of allocation of blocks of time for specific tasks.  Energy on thRead more

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