By Lisa Lam

My goal is to help make a positive impact to everyone that I connect with that is authentic and enriching. This is one of the reasons that I have created this weekly podcast. The aim of this podcast is to help you grow and develop your skills and challenge your existing mindset and perceptions. My experience is largely based on my work as a leadership coach and marketing and business operations role in various companies such as Microsoft. For more information, check out


3 ways to live a Generously Frugal Life

There are 3 ways that you can live this out: 1. Be generous with others but frugal with your wants. 2. Be generous with yourself but frugal with others. 3. Be generous with yourself and others but frugal with your unnecessary wants. I would like to sRead more


Creating the "Overcome Limiting Belief" Cake with 4 key ingredients

This is the final part of the 5-part series around overcoming limiting belief. The 4-ingredient recipe are to Identify, to change Mindset, to know Intentions and to build Structures. All 4 elements are crucial and are the base ingredients for a succeRead more


Overcoming Limiting Belief Part 4: Structure

In this episode, I will be covering the structure which will enable and support the thought training and actions that you will need to take. Structure is required to help undergird your intention as no action can be consistent and effective if there Read more


Overcoming Limiting Belief Part 3: Intentions

In this episode I will be going through the next part of the journey to overcoming limiting belief which is Intentions. The why. Why do you want to change? Why do you want to take the steps to move from limiting belief or a limiting posture to one thRead more


Overcoming Limiting Belief Part 2: Mindset

Part 2 of the Overcoming Limiting Belief series is around Mindset.  More specifically how can you change your mindset.  Learn the 3 steps that will get you started to changing your mindset.

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