How To Not Get Sick And Die

How To Not Get Sick And Die

By Matty Lansdown

Are you interested in knowing How To Not Get Sick And Die? Well you’re in the right place because scientist Matty Lansdown investigates and shares the complex and multi-faceted answer to this question every single week through mini lectures with topics spanning nutrition, disease, physical and mental health, food is medicine and all topics that might pertain to the general human goal of finding out How To Not Get Sick And Die! Not only that this podcast has interviews galore with professionals from all walks of life such as: doctors, nutritionists, personal trainers, health food business owners, meditation experts, scientists and anyone that has knowledge bombs that will assist your journey towards living healthy!


Taking Fat Burners for Weight Loss | EP 180

Marketing has been convincing us that we’re able to hack the natural journey that fat loss should take for decades. Now they even tell you that you can lose it with surgery in just a few hours but as many people that have both taken fat burner suppleRead more


How To Read Your Own Blood Results and Identify Autoimmune Disease with Dr. Kylie Burton | EP 179

When your blood results are “normal” what does that really mean given that the average person is overweight, sick and expected to die of one of the diseases of civilisations? This is why if you don’t feel well then you might need to take things into Read more


How To Fix your Sleep - 5 Simple Steps | EP 178

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Using Functional Medicine to Reverse Disease with Dr. Aaron Hartman | EP 177

The medical model that we know and served us for much of the last century is falling apart, it cannot keep up with this chronic disease world that we have all collectively created for ourselves and therefore a new model must come in and start actuallRead more


How To Reduce Overwhelm with Diet and Nutrition Advice | EP 176

What a travesty! Can you believe it? The more information that exists out there means that you’re less likely to achieve your goals. Seems illogical but let me ask you this… with all the information on the internet and this podcast platform, has it aRead more

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