I Am Dad

I Am Dad

By Kenneth Braswell

The I AM DAD. Podcast is an exploration of insight, information, and inspiration for dads, their families, the people who love, and those that support them.


Beyond Birth: Crafting Character and Manhood with Donald Morton

Explore the depths of black fatherhood, male empowerment, and personal growth with Kenneth Braswell and special guest Donald Morton on the 'I Am Dad' podcast. This episode delves into the transformative journey from male to manhood, the importance ofRead more


Education Innovator Turned Fatherhood Luminary: J. Michael Hall’s Journey to Empowering Dads

Meet J. Michael Hall on the I Am Dad Podcast – a man whose professional journey as an educator has seamlessly transitioned into becoming a trailblazer in the realm of father engagement. With a lifetime of experience ranging from special education to Read more


Championing Community and Connection: Jim Walters’ Dedication to Engaged Fatherhood

From the halls of academia to the heart of community service, Jim Walters brings a legacy of involvement and advocacy to the I Am Dad Podcast. As a mainstay in the WATCH D.O.G.S. initiative since May 2022, Jim's commitment has extended far beyond hisRead more


Fathers in the Forefront: Eric Snow’s Vision for School Engagement Through Watch D.O.G.S

Get ready for a fascinating episode, as we welcome Eric Snow to the I AM Dad Podcast! A pioneer in championing father involvement in schools, Eric embarked on a mission back in 1998. Driven by the vision of a school environment rich with positive malRead more


Talking Fatherhood Engagement in Schools with All Pro Dad Coordinator; Keith Schumacher

Over the past 15 years, Keith Schumacher has become recognized as one of the leading voices in father engagement in American schools. Keith did not enter the educational arena as a teacher or principal, he came in as a dad. The husband of a teacher aRead more

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