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The World Through an Empath’s Eyes: Stepping into Your Authenticity

"I believe that the world would be greatly enriched if people more often allowed themselves to step into their authenticity. The real you, the one you are comfortable being when you feel inspired, is the one that the world needs to see." So says empaRead more


Fashion Executive Turned Meditation Teacher, Anne V. Mühlethaler, Shares Her Mindfulness Journey

Our thoughts become things, so be careful to pick the good ones. So says former fashion executive and Louboutin alumni turned meditation teacher, Anne V. Mühlethaler, who's here to talk about the intersection of entrepreneurship and mindfulness. WRead more


How to Meditate with Binaural Beats: Q&A with Doctor & Science Lover, Dr. Grace

Dr. Grace Hameister, host of the Uncommon Medicine podcast, is here to talk about the pretty fascinating science behind binaural beats, the frequencies around earthing or grounding, why walking on the beach cures jet lag, and more. We also discuss thRead more


New Year, New Me: Guided Meditation for Sleep, Insomnia, and Letting Go | Relaxing ASMR

This 10-minute guided meditation and ASMR experience will help quiet your mind and transition you into a restful sleep. It will also help you release negative thoughts, combat insomnia, and bring more positive, healing energy into your life. This podRead more


This Minimalist Loves Black Friday: The Lost Art of Shopping with Intention

As a minimalist, I'm not "supposed" to buy things on Black Friday. But I did. Here's why the line between minimalism and consumerism is allowed to blur, and why mindful consumerism isn't always one-size-fits-all. --- This minimalist wants more. #Read more

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