The Lotus Lounge

The Lotus Lounge

By Rev JJ

A discussion on mental health, wellness and ways of coping in this chaotic world. My story of trauma and healing from darkness to light.


Christos Founder Races

This episode I discuss the different dimensions, frequency/energy and how this planet was taken over & hijacked by darkness to destroy humanity.


Down the rabbit hole

This episode I disclose information on the darkness that has taken over the world and how it is being eradicated by the light.


Aquarius full moon

I discuss the significance of the Buck full moon and provide information on increasing the chemicals in the mind, being open to receive, letting go of toxic energy & emotions.


The Root Chakra

This episode I discuss ways of healing yourself by balancing your root chakra with the use of Mudras (Apana Gada Prithvi Prana) & Mantra (LAM).


The Berth of the New Earth

This episode I discuss one's "berth certificate" worth and how we became bought & owned slaves to the corporation. I also share ways of grounding, raising your frequency, healing & connecting to self.

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