Jessica Lynne Witty is Packing a Punch

Jessica Lynne Witty is Packing a Punch

By Jessica Lynne Witty

I'm Jessica Lynne Witty and I'm a Nashville Recording Artist. I tell my story, share my life lessons and my journey through my music career. I'm always going deeper into what challenges and learning experiences I encounter, inspiration, takeaways, and insights. This is what following my dreams looks like!


Back to 1

This episode of my podcast is about how meditation practice was a hard one for me to wrap my head around, but how the process of going "back to 1" ultimately became a wonderful tool for self-love."The Long Way Around (Acoustic)" will be out on OctobeRead more


Uprooting my Life

In this episode I tell my story from the perspective of uprooting my life. Something I have done countless times. It turns out, sometimes moving is the answer and sometimes not. There is something deeper at play.In this time of hardship, please suppoRead more


A Rose by Any Other Name

I just announced to the world that I am "changing" my name from Jessica Lynne to Jessica Lynne Witty. Here's the journey behind that decision. It's a bare and vulnerable one. But it's a truthful one.In this time of hardship, please support the arts aRead more


India and Other Detours

As I was struggling to find my purpose in live I did a lot of traveling. In this episode I dive into how all these travels, from Barcelona to India, eventually led me to pursing my music in the US.In this time of hardship, please support the arts as Read more


Different Types of Different

I reflect on being "different" as a child and the fact that it's not about being normal or different. It's about being authentic. Being me. Support the show (

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