The Jamming! Fanzine Podcast

The Jamming! Fanzine Podcast

By Tony Fletcher

Conversations around The Fanzine That Grew Up, 1977-86.


Ep. 5: The Birth of Creation with Alan McGee

This episode is a co-production with the Fifty Years of Fun podcast. In Jamming! 13, published in the spring of 1982, a 17-yr old Tony Fletcher wrote an editorial called ‘A Statement.’ Among those to read it was Alan McGee, new to London from GlasgoRead more


Ep. 4: The Politics of Fanzines

Tony Fletcher hosts a conversation with three fellow former fanzine editors and Jamming! contributors, Tim Kelly (Revolutionary Suicide/Fanzine of Noise), Janine Booth (Blaze) and Richard Edwards (Cool Notes). Janine and Richard were also active in tRead more


Ep. 3: Image as Virus with Joly of Better Badges

Between 1976-82, Joly MacFie printed some 40,000,000 badges (pins, in the USA) related to music culture. Along the way his company Better Badges grew from one-man garage operation to a sizeable small business that also printed and distributed dozens Read more


Ep. 2: Mods and Sods with Mark Bedford, Guy Pratt and Buddy Ascott

For this episode, we spin back to 1979, for a lively and laughter-filled conversation with two famous bass players and a drummer: Mark ‘Bedders’ Bedford of Madness, Guy Pratt (then of Speedball) and Brett ‘Buddy’ Ascott (then of The Chords). TogetherRead more


Ep. 1: From Classroom To Clubs

For this debut episode of The Jamming! Fanzine Podcast, Tony Fletcher connects with three old friends who all played an important part in the Jamming! school days, and each of whom wrote an introductory piece for The Best of Jamming! book. They are RRead more

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