The Jamming! Fanzine Podcast

The Jamming! Fanzine Podcast

By Tony Fletcher

Conversations around The Fanzine That Grew Up, 1977-86.


Ep. 10: Series 1 Finale with James Endeacott & Tony Fletcher

We close out the first Series/Season of the Jamming! Fanzine Podcast with an interview conducted by James Endeacott, for Soho Radio's Morning Glory show, with Jamming! founder Tony Fletcher. The conversation traces the full story of the fanzine that Read more


Ep. 9: Jamming! Records with Rudi, Zeitgeist & Apocalypse

In the middle of 1981, Jamming! expanded from fanzine to record label. Between that summer and the end of 1982, Jamming! Records released five singles, all of them independent chart hits: two from the band Rudi, three from Zeitgeist, and one by ApocaRead more


Ep. 8: Tales from the Trenches

Tony Fletcher reunites with Bruce Dessau, Ross Fortune and Paul Davies, each of whom wrote extensively for Jamming! during its commercial heyday, 1984-85, and each of whom went on to further careers in journalism. As much as this is a talk specific tRead more


Ep. 7: The Importance of Being Virgin

Tony Fletcher reunites with musician/composer Jim ‘JG’ Thirlwell, DJ Wendy May, and Dimple Records boss Brian O’Neill, all of whom he first met in the late 1970s when they bought copies of Jamming! off him while they were working behind the counter aRead more


Ep. 6: Morrissey, Frankie, Natalie & Bronski

Chris Heath is a writer for The Atlantic, GQ and Vanity Fair, and author of several books. Russell Young is a visual artist with a background in music photography, sleeve design and video directing. Both got their professional start with Jamming! in Read more

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