The Liberated Educator Podcast

The Liberated Educator Podcast

By Ken Shelton and Dee Lanier

Dee Lanier and Ken Shelton are brothers, intellectuals, and equity-enthusiasts, just having regular conversations about things that matter to the culture. For the record, we're not late talking about these issues, you just may be late in hearing it! Find us on Twitter: Ken Shelton: @k_shelton Dee Lanier: @deelanier Brian Smith Sr: @BrianRSmithSr


Cryptic, Platitudes, Takeaways

Our resident host, Victoria Thompson is back to close out Season 1 of The Liberated Educator Podcast. She joins Dee and Ken in a personal CPT conversation over:  C:Cryptic P: Platitudes T: Takeaways And yes, there is a Real Housewives reference...


Back To School Edition

It's that time of year, back to school season is happening across the country and Ken and Dee would like to welcome all educators back to the journey toward liberation.  This is the next to last episode of Season 1, so let's see if you can pick out tRead more


Creativa, Posters and Time Spent

Have you ever gone to someone to ask a question, but then your entire perspective on life changes with that one answer? Well, that is how many feel when chatting with Monica Isabel Martinez.  In this episode the CPT conversation connects the passionsRead more


Choice, Play and Transparency Part 2

Guess what, Jim O'Hagan is back to chop it up with Dee and Ken as they continue their CPT conversation on.  C: Choice  P: Play T: Transparency James O'Hagan is a leader in connecting and promoting esports in education. He has had a role in starting aRead more


Choice, Play and Transparency (Sort of) Part 1

Bust noun noun: bust; plural noun: busts a worthless thing. "Was Kwame Brown a bust?" You know how it is when you walk into a room and a deep conversation is already taken place and you just get sucked into participating? Well, that's what happened Read more

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