The Liberated Educator Podcast

The Liberated Educator Podcast

By Ken Shelton and Dee Lanier

Dee Lanier and Ken Shelton are brothers, intellectuals, and equity-enthusiasts, just having regular conversations about things that matter to the culture. For the record, we're not late talking about these issues, you just may be late in hearing it! Find us on Twitter: Ken Shelton: @k_shelton Dee Lanier: @deelanier Brian Smith Sr: @BrianRSmithSr


Comics, Prince, and Trademarks

This is a first, a game show embedded in the Liberated Educator Podcast as Ken and Dee welcome their good friend Jesse Lubinsky to the pod. Check out this conversation as the boys make some interesting correlations to education with the CPT for this Read more


Consumption, Playing Both Sides, Teaching to Think

Just a phone call away, Dee and Ken simply get together to have real conversations that just need to be recorded. This episode is just that, two brothers chopping it up for some good CPT with one another, this time covering: C: Consumption - Do we blRead more


Community, Power, and Transformation

It's the #Bonnerville episode that we have been trying to get done for a while! Ken and Dee sit down with Michael Bonner and mix it this CPT convo to address: C: Community - The desperate need for it.P: Power - That needs to be created.T: TransformatRead more


Competition, Policy and Teacher of The Year

Ladies and gentle, right out the gate please welcome back Fernando Chavez for Part 2, this time while Dee is in the booth as well. Together with Ken, the fellas have a really engaging CPT convo over: C: Competition - Exposing the unfair competition iRead more


Cross Stitching, Passing, and Trauma Porn

In celebration of #WomenHistoryMonth, Victoria Thompson comes back to the podcast to provide a rich touch to the CPT conversation around - C: Cross Stitching - Who does that? Or, what hobbies do you have that allow you to escape for sanity sake withoRead more

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