By Natalia Hernandez-Pryszlak

What is the advice from business leaders of today to the leaders of tomorrow? Each week the host Natalia Hernandez-Pryszlak, a young leader in the telecommunications industry, interviews guests from all industries and asks them key questions to help shape the leaders of tomorrow. ModernDay is a podcast that celebrates curiosity as a tool for success. Guests discuss what drives their motivation for change, how they’ve overcome obstacles, and the best lessons they’ve learned that we can apply to our own lives. New episodes are published each week.


Transform Your Business with the Executives Guide to Sales and Operations

Bob Stahl spent twelve years in the manufacturing industry and his company was awarded the Oliver Wight’s Class A recognition for supply chain excellence. Since then,  Bob has been an independent consultant to many of the world’s leading corporationsRead more


A Peek Inside the Career of a True Renaissance Woman

Joanne Balshi, a true renaissance woman, joins ModernDay to discuss the ups and downs of her forty-year career and some vital lessons she's learned along the way.


Mindset - Reset with Podcaster, Chelsea Riffe

Chelsea Riffe, a fellow podcaster from In My Non-Expert Opinion podcast talks all about her journey from her dream 9-5 job to letting it all go and moving to Australia. We talk all about manifestation, anxiety, learning when to let go in life, and soRead more


Five Productivity Hacks to Maximize Your Time

We only have 24hrs in our day but sometimes even that isn't enough. Creating balance where there is imbalance is a tough thing to do and we can sometimes spend our entire lives looking for that balance. This episode outlines five productivity hacks tRead more


Passing the Torch of Leadership

Lori Mincek from Sherwin Williams Company shares what she has learned about leadership from her 21 year career, and what she's making sure to teach the next generation.

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