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It's time for Neuroethics to make today’s news. Katherine Bassil, an upcoming neuroscientist and neuroethics enthusiast, has always tried to advocate for bridging the fields of neuroscience and neuroethics together. The absence of similar enterprises from the community makes it even more difficult for Katherine to achieve her goal. Join Katherine on her mission to show that being a neuroscientist and Neuroethics advocate, is the way for responsible brain innovation. The Neuroethics Today Podcast brings you interviews with experts in the field, where Neuroethics will question the science.


Conviction: The Making and Unmaking of the Violent Brain - Oliver Rollins

Can neuroscience research measure violence in the brain? His new book highlights some ethical dilemmas of neuroscience research on violence. As a Black man, Dr. Oliver Rollins warns that such research could potentially lead to (racial) profiling, escRead more


Social Justice and Neuroethics: Looking back, moving forward

During Episode 6 of our special season highlighting last year’s International Neuroethics Society meeting, we focused on important take-home messages. Our guest host was Dr. Tim Brown, assistant professor in the Department of Bioethics and HumanitiesRead more


Environmental Neuroethics

During Episode 5 of our special season highlighting last year’s International Neuroethics Society meeting, we focused on the emerging field of environmental neuroethics. Our co-guest hosts were Dr. Laura Cabrera, J. Lloyd Huck Career Chair in NeuroetRead more


Barriers to Social Justice Work in Neuroethics

During episode 4, we focused on the questions: 'What is anti-racist neuroscience? Is there space for social justice in academic institutions? How can neuroethics truly engage meaningfully with social justice and anti-racism?' Episode 4 of the specialRead more


Disability, Neurotechnology, and Justice

During episode 3, we focused on the question 'How do disability, neurotechnology, and social justice all interact?'. Join guest host Dr. Sara Goering and three incredible panelists as they explore how emerging technologies interact with ableist strucRead more

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