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The End Of An Era: A Heartfelt Goodbye

Beautiful Blu Birds,  It wasn't easy for me to sit down and record today's episode. Teary eyes and a grateful heart over here.  I had a lot of resistance and got to move through many layers of attachment, identity and not wishing to dishonor a creation that has - and continues to - genuinely impact people's lives in a positive way. You have all played such a huge role in my life, and I feel like we have become a community. In over 122 episodes I have poured my heart and soul into the vastness of the internet, and the gifts I have received from doing so are boundless.  When I sit down and truly ask myself what it is that I need in this phase of my life, the answer is not to be more visible and continue to share online, but to cultivate something so rich within my being that can only be found in silence - to no longer feed any instant gratification.  The answer is to create art as an extension of my being, and to birth it into the world from a place of gentle persistence. To truly walk the path of devotion through consistency and focus over time.  So, this is not a goodbye. This is merely a “I'll see you later.” And in the meantime, please always remember to carry beauty, love and unity on your wings and that the Divinity, the magic and everything you're looking for, is already inside of you. I love you with my whole heart. You beautiful magnificent, enchantingly rich, Blu bird. See you soon I love you,  Blu   P.s. Here is the link to my mailing list so you can join to stay in touch, and be a part of the community calls open to everyone :)  https://candid-bread-24625.myflodesk.com/z1qsyrw0ug ===  This podcast is sponsored by: MUD/WTR Use Code BLU to save $20 off your purchase (and receive free goodies too ;)  https://mudwtr.com/pages/deja-blu?utm... MUD/WTR is a coffee alternative consisting of 100% organic cacao, ayurvedic herbs and functional mushrooms. With just a fraction of the caffeine found in coffee, you get energy, focus and immune support without the jitters, crash or poor sleep. === Timestamps:  00:00 Begin 1:00 MUD/WTR Sponsor 2:15 Introduction from Blu 4:18 The influence of Matias De Stefano 7:54 Honouring Charlotte: The Return to Wholeness 13:00 Tarot Deck with Lily Ashwell 14:40 40 Days of Devotion challenge 18:12 Being the Artist 20:48 YOUR incredible contribution to this podcast (Yes, You!) 24:54 Blu’s Prayer Book and Lily’s Touch of Gold 27:52 A Heartfelt Farewell    29:40 A Final Prayer for the Podcast  === MENTIONS:  Matias De Stefano: https://www.instagram.com/matiasgustavodestefano/ https://linktr.ee/matiasdestefano Lily Ashwell: https://www.instagram.com/lilyashwell/ https://www.lilyashwell.com/ Heavenly Bodies Astrology Deck (Use Code: BLU for 20% off)  https://www.lilyashwell.com/products/heavenly-bodies-astrology-deck-and-guidebook-deluxe-boxset-signed-by-lily   Connect with Nicolette: https://www.instagram.com/soulgarden108/ Connect with Bernadette: https://www.instagram.com/hummingbernlove/ http://ritetorise.com/ Connect with John: https://www.instagram.com/john__o__brien/ === Blu is a motivational speaker, artist, musician & host of the Deja Blu Podcast with over 4 million listeners worldwide, interviewing some of the most prolific spiritual leaders of our generation. She is the co-founder of Florescence, a modern mystery school which connects a global community of women in sisterhood through online sharing circles & in-person events. BLU:   / bluofearth   https://www.bluofearth.com/ https://www.florescence.earth DONATE TO THE DEJA BLU PODCAST: https://www.paypal.com/donate/?hosted...

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DeJa Blu is a space to dive deep into the unknown. Uncovering the mysteries of unlocking the potential of the human experience. Blu is here to get raw, unscripted and unapologetic in sharing her own personal journey of awakening into her truth with the intention to help others come home into their heart. Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more.