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Roots of Resilience: Healing Bone Cancer with Herbal Medicine - with Nadia Ramo | Deja Blu EP 117

Hello Lovely Blubirds, Dive into today's extraordinary episode! Experience a soulful solo rift and meet the incredible Dr. Bones—my cherished friend and Chinese Herbal Medicine expert, Nadia Ramos. She unfolds her inspiring journey of conquering bone cancer through the potent embrace of Chinese Herbal Medicine and the profound insights from the plant kingdom.   From acupuncture to cupping, and nurturing my holistic well-being on both physiological and psychosomatic fronts—my trust in her extends to every fiber of my being.   I'm thrilled to have you join us on this remarkable journey.   This podcast is sponsored by: MUD/WTR  Use Code BLU to save $20 off your purchase (and receive free goodies too ;)   mudwtr.com/blu   MUD/WTR is a coffee alternative consisting of 100% organic cacao, ayurvedic herbs and functional mushrooms. With just a fraction of the caffeine found in coffee, you get energy, focus and immune support without the jitters, crash or poor sleep.   === Timestamps: 00:00 Intro 1:00 MUD/WTR Sponsor 2:14 Solo Rift 3:09 Altar Ego 7:56 Individuality and Uniqueness 9:02 To be “Hueman” 10:25 Spiritual Sharks 12:23 Gene Keys & The Hueman expression 13:51 Instagram is a projection field 18:07 Using humor to reprogram the voice of judgement 23:58 Solo Rift Wrap 24:52 Welcome Nadia! 26:54 Nadia’s Personal Intro 29:14 Her genius within Chinese Herbal Medicine 32:00 Nadia’s Journey with Bone Cancer 35:25 Calling B.S on the word “incurable” 37:04 Bridging the Spiritual and the Intellect  38:19 Blu’s experience with Nadia’s healing sessions 40:06 Listening to the emotions stuck in the body 48:10 Honoring Oneself 48:38 1:1 Mentorship - 3 month program 49:41 Filling our awareness with wisdom that will enrich our lives 52:08 Making allies with the plant realm 54:51 Get rooted in nature: Healing the mental health crisis 56:20 Her Humor!!! 59:07 Thank You to Nadia 59:50 One piece of value to bring to people’s lives 1:01:38 Closing   ===   Dr. Nadia Ramo has been practicing acupuncture since 2016 and in 2021 received her Doctorate in Chinese Medicine. During her undergrad, Nadia studied pre-med anatomy & physiology courses at UC Berkeley. By studying the depths of the human body both physically and energetically, through the lens of Western and Eastern medicine, Nadia's treatments draw on psychosomatics through physical and energetic release.   In March 2022 Nadia completed her Certification of Psychedelic Therapy in Research through the CIIS. Nadia has been trained by clinicians, as well as Elder Medicine keepers, to hold space for those on a psychedelic journey. She uses the arts of Chinese Medicine, Reiki, and intuitive healing during the journey to enhance the healing for those undergoing psychedelic therapy.   Connect more with Nadia: https://www.drnadiaramo.com/mentorship  https://www.instagram.com/earthybadbitch/   ===  Blu is a motivational speaker, artist, musician & host of the Deja Blu Podcast with over 4 million listeners worldwide, interviewing some of the most prolific spiritual leaders of our generation. She is the co-founder of Florescence, a modern mystery school which connects a global community of women in sisterhood through online sharing circles & in-person events. ===  BLU: https://www.instagram.com/bluofearth/ https://www.bluofearth.com/ https://www.florescence.earth DONATE TO THE DEJA BLU PODCAST: https://www.paypal.com/donate/?hosted_button_id=VACWQVBHTCQ3Q

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DeJa Blu is a space to dive deep into the unknown. Uncovering the mysteries of unlocking the potential of the human experience. Blu is here to get raw, unscripted and unapologetic in sharing her own personal journey of awakening into her truth with the intention to help others come home into their heart. Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more.