Live Your Own Fit | LYF Performance

Live Your Own Fit | LYF Performance

By Pete Jacobs LYF

Take your health and performance to a whole new level


Understanding Chronic Fatigue

Hi Pete here, since I was a teenager I’ve dealt with several symptoms of poor health, including chronic fatigue, and want to say to you - 'I understand how you feel'. If you have experienced even one day of fatigue, this podcast will help you.  Read more


Setting Goals

In this mini podcast episode, a follow up to 'How to Set Goals' Podcast from last week, Jaimielle talks you through how to set goals to get the best outcome, and talks about a small case study of a client and this process. Learning how to set goalRead more


Natural Antioxidant, Anti Inflammatory & Performance Enhancer | Modex

Listen to the podcast here, or watch over on Youtube @ Live Your Own Fit. In this episode of the LYF Performance Podcast, Pete interviews Modex founder Dave McHenry about how Modex works as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, & nitric oxide boostinRead more


How To Set Goals

Hi it’s Jaimielle here 👋🏽  Today I am going to share how we set goals here at Live Your Own Fit! I have people coming to me that are simply put - feeling like crap. They’re not performing in life like they want to. They have low  energy levels, Read more


 Exercise Effects On Metabolism | Podcast #37

Hi it's Pete here 👋🏽 Many people come to me struggling with weightless. The majority have full on jobs with a high responsibilities, they are high functioning personalities and care deeply about their training and racing. Their chosen sport is preRead more

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