By Pete Jacobs

Take your health and performance to a whole new level


Uplevel Your Massage

What do you and elite athletes have in common?  You both need to build familiarity with being relaxed, and build awareness to be able to tap into the feeling of being relaxed. You should be getting massages more often; to spend time being relRead more


Carbohydrate | Pros & Cons

The main point to remember throughout this podcast is that everyone has a different level of aerobic capacity, and everyday one individual can have a better/worse aerobic capacity  [tolerance to carbohydrates]. Everyone is different to everyone elRead more


How to Run Slow to Run Fast

Stop wasting your time running without knowing exactly how to improve. If your running still needs improvement after listening to this episode [and to my previous podcast on technique linked below], then it is time to send me your run video and haRead more


How to Improve Sleep for Health & Performance

Sleep expert Devin Burke shares secrets to improve your sleep, and therefore improve your health and performance. If you have trouble with insomnia, or feel like you should have more energy, or your health or performance is not as good as you want itRead more


Growth or Fear. Creation or Protection.

Jaimielle and Pete have a great discussion that will uncover some of your underlying roadblocks to living your best life, in health and performance. Is your state of mind, or physical state, holding you back from making changes to allow you to be Read more

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