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Taking a Chance on Yourself & Your Art with Jaqueline Dubois

On this episode, Paige interviews the incredibly kind and talented young artist, Jacqueline Dubois. Jackie shares her journey of taking a gap year from school during Covid to pursue art full time. Paige and Jackie chat about college and how Jackie maneuvered through the pressures, expectations and challenges she experienced. Jackie chats about how Lili Reinhart (American actress and author) reached out to her on TikTok to purchase one of her pieces and how overnight, her inbox became overwhelmingly filled with hundreds of new inquires and art fans. Paige and Jackie discuss the stress and anxiety of fulling orders, mental health, vulnerability, and the why behind Jackie's work. Jackie expresses how beautiful moments can grow from really hard, sad, and challenging experiences and how she wanted to make art that felt meaningful, raw, and beautiful. The power of connection and healing through art is truly a powerful thing and this beautiful conversation hones in on how special and necessary art is for this world. To support Jackie and her amazing work, follow and

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My name is Paige, and I am an Artist, Creative Coach, Virtual Educator, and Community Builder. This podcast is a place where I can share my personal experiences as an ARTrepreneur. I promise to share all of the magical and sparkly moments that go along with owning your own creative business, as well as all of the challenging, horrible, scary, and really emotional stuff too! I will be interviewing a variety of small business owners, ARTrepreneurs, and other amazing creatives that will share their inspiring stories, struggles and help us all feel a little less alone in our creative pursuits. Thank you so much for listening! Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more.