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33. Staying True to Yourself with Betsey Iannarelli

On this episode, Paige chats with Betsey Iannarellli the bright and bubbly artist behind @betseyianstudio on Instagram. Betsey is a mixed media artist and is known for creating original embroidered paintings filled with bold colors and vibrant florals. Paige and Betsey chat about how painting has always been a creative outlet for Betsey ever since she was a teenager. This conversation has a “hang out with your closest friend on the couch with a warm cup of tea, and one too many blankets” kind of vibe due to the candid and very real topics that flow between Betsey and Paige. Betsey chats about finding joy in the physical painting part of her business and not so much joy in the technology part of it (Betsey has a love hate relationship with technology), as well as how important it is to stay true to herself as an artist and content creator. Betsey shares her experience being scouted at an art market by a Lily Pulitzer designer, and the challenges of saying no to clients, friends, relationships, and even herself. Paige and Betsey also chat about their New Jersey pride. To follow and support Betsey please follow and check out

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My name is Paige, and I am an Artist, Creative Coach, Virtual Educator, and Community Builder. This podcast is a place where I can share my personal experiences as an ARTrepreneur. I promise to share all of the magical and sparkly moments that go along with owning your own creative business, as well as all of the challenging, horrible, scary, and really emotional stuff too! I will be interviewing a variety of small business owners, ARTrepreneurs, and other amazing creatives that will share their inspiring stories, struggles and help us all feel a little less alone in our creative pursuits. Thank you so much for listening! Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more.