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50. Toothbrushes to Paintbrushes with Rosilyn Holladay

On this episode Paige sits down and chats with the multitalented Rosilyn Holladay! From floral paintings, live wedding paintings, motherhood, and dental hygiene, Rosilyn has done it all! Paige and Rosilyn discuss the difficulty of being an artist who is past the beginner stage but not quite a professional. They encourage others to reach out and not to undervalue their worth regardless of level. Rosilyn started pursuing an art career in college but then abandoned that dream to become a dental hygienist. Soon after, she returned to art and opened an art gallery. Rosilyn now does live wedding painting and sells artwork. Rosilyn points out the importance of continuing to learn even if one considers themselves accomplished stating, "...always have bigger dreams to reach out to." Check out Rosiyln's websites! Rosiyln's instagram - Rosilyn's art website -

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My name is Paige, and I am an Artist, Creative Coach, Virtual Educator, and Community Builder. This podcast is a place where I can share my personal experiences as an ARTrepreneur. I promise to share all of the magical and sparkly moments that go along with owning your own creative business, as well as all of the challenging, horrible, scary, and really emotional stuff too! I will be interviewing a variety of small business owners, ARTrepreneurs, and other amazing creatives that will share their inspiring stories, struggles and help us all feel a little less alone in our creative pursuits. Thank you so much for listening! Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more.