Wavve Link #1

Wavve Link #1

By Dave York

Cannabis is crushing it right now. All across The United States, states are voting on ballot measures & initiatives to legalize medicinal & recreational cannabis at a break-neck pace; it would appear that public policy is, at long last, beginning to catch up with the culture. And that’s exactly what The Seatown Funk Podcast is all about: cannabis and culture. It’s a podcast with fresh perspectives, open & honest discussions about the history, state and future of the cannabis industry.The Seatown Funk isn’t just a podcast for pot-heads. It’s a twice-weekly potcast for casual smokers and cannasseurs alike; it’s for the newly-minted senior citizen who’s been historically anti-legalization, but who’s now intrigued by what they’ve heard about cannabidiol (CBD) tinctures because the word “arthritis” is now in their daily lexicons; it’s for the untold millions caught up in the opioid epidemic, that they might more effectively fight their daily battles with addiction with the use of legalized marijuana; it’s for policy-makers and homemakers alike; and above all, it’s about you, the listeners and our collective passion for cannabis and culture. The Seatown Funk Podcast is excited to host the discussion and invite you to not just listen, but to also take part.The Seatown Funk is a podcast on LEGAL medical & recreational cannabis in Washington state and does not endorse illicit drug manufacturing, distribution or use. Please refer to your own state’s laws regarding the use or possession of marijuana. Listener discretion is advised.


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