Screw The Nine To Five

Screw The Nine To Five

By Jill and Josh Stanton: Online Entrepreneurs, Podcasters and Bloggers

Jill and Josh Stanton are a couple of wanderlusters and lifestyle business owners hell-bent on helping 9-to-5'ers take their day job and transform it into an online business. In this show Jill and Josh dish out actionable tips, answer your burning business questions and speak to other online entrepreneurs who have taken their 9-to-5's and used them to create the business of their dreams. It's a mix of valuable business advice, candid interviews, stories from the trenches and a curse word thrown in here and there for good measure. Like what you hear? Subscribe to the show!


Negotiating For Nice People with Michelle Williams

You know what makes me sweat, negotiating. Yep, it can feel sooo uncomfortable. Intimidating even.   If you struggle with negotiating and all the feels it brings up, then this episode is for you. I’m joined by Michelle Williams who is a Negotiation PRead more


3 Environmental Factors To Upgrade If You Want To Quit Your 9-To-5

Today we’re talking all about the environment!  We share 3 environmental factors which will increase your chances of quitting your 9-5 and upgrading your life in the process!  Wanna piece of that, oh yes! Grab your earbuds and lean into this episode!Read more


How to Create Binge-worthy Content that Converts with Melissa Cassera

Want to build a business audience that is 100% OBSESSED with you? Today on the Screw Show Jill is jamming with screenwriter & word wizard Melissa Cassera. Melissa's gonna show you how to inject your personality into your content like never before, toRead more


If We Were Starting All Over Again With No Audience Or Revenue, We Would Do These 3 Things

You know they say hindsight is 20/20? Well, what would we do differently if we were to start our business all over again with nothing? How would we build this business from scratch? Wanna know? Hit this episode! Read the full show notes: www.screwtheRead more


It's OKAY For People To Not Like You with Susie Moore

Do you stress over what others think of you? What you think they think of you? So often we let this fear of judgement alter our behavior and hold us back. My guest Susie Moore is on the show today to share why you shouldn't be trying to get everyone Read more

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