Screw The Nine To Five

Screw The Nine To Five

By Jill and Josh Stanton: Online Entrepreneurs, Podcasters and Bloggers

Jill and Josh Stanton are a couple of wanderlusters and lifestyle business owners hell-bent on helping 9-to-5'ers take their day job and transform it into an online business. In this show Jill and Josh dish out actionable tips, answer your burning business questions and speak to other online entrepreneurs who have taken their 9-to-5's and used them to create the business of their dreams. It's a mix of valuable business advice, candid interviews, stories from the trenches and a curse word thrown in here and there for good measure. Like what you hear? Subscribe to the show!


The Success-Crushing Beliefs That Are Keeping You Unknown And Underpaid

Today Jill's diving into uncovering the negative beliefs you have about yourself that are holding you back. She shares how to create new beliefs that support where you want to go in your life. She also jams on an amazing fix she has for dealing with Read more


Success Is Not A What, It's A Who

What does success mean to you? Today, we're jamming on the differences between those who are successful and those who aren't! What can you do to increase your chances of success? Dive in to this episode. Read the full show notes: screwtheninetofive.cRead more


7 Things We Wish We'd Have Know Before We Started Our Business with Rachel Pedersen

Ah hindsight! Today on the show Jill is joined by friend of The Screw and Social Media Superstar Rachel Pedersen to jam on all the things they wish they'd known before they got started in business. Ready to listen in and soak up ALL. THE. TIPS? ListeRead more


Millionaire Mindset Mashup: 6 Tips To Upgrade The Way You Think As An Entrepreneur

One of the biggest things we’ve learned over the past few years is how important the right mindset is to your success. It's CRITICAL. It can help to create more alignment, revenue and ease in your business. So, we decided to serve up a ‘Millionaire MRead more


SURPRISE! We Opened A New Membership Community...Here's Why We're Back In The Game

Time to celebrate! We have some BIG news! After a year and a half out of the membership game, we're getting back in! We're sharing ALL the deets in today's episode. Why we stopped, why we're starting again and EVERYTHING in between! You ready? We're Read more

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