Sleepless in Suburbia

Sleepless in Suburbia

By sleeplessinsuburbia

Locked away in attics, basements, and dark corners across the world are stories of beings and beasts that hide in the night. These are those stories. Learn more at


Case 127:The Streets Are Alive with the Sound of Ghosts

After a deadly natural disaster, some souls may not be a rest. A neighborhood comes to live at night, while the living neighbors snooze in their beds. Who walks the streets of Lazare Park long after their lives were cut short all those years ago? Is Read more


October's Monthly Tale Minisode

Thank you so much Courtney Rivero for you amazing support, we appreciate you so so much.  In October's spooky story inspired tale, is a reminder to listen to your intuition. A seemingly innocent night out to celebrate a dear friend's birthday goes siRead more


Case 126: Bigfoot's My Neighbor

Suburbia a land full of soccer games, car seat toting SUVs, and driveway drinking with the neighbors. You expect to wave to the gal up the street as she walks her Goldendoodle looking workout chic. For Mya, what she sees while helping her neighbors oRead more


Case 125: Shadow Man Inn

What do you do when the dream that you've had since you were a little girl is slipping from your grasp? That's where we find ourselves in this week's case, helping a friend of a friend who's on the verge of giving up.   Connect with the SISS Team & VRead more


Case 124: Nomads Wood Part 2

Are you ready for the conclusion of last week's spooky adventure? As we dive into this haunt, remember these important rules. 1. Never venture into the woods alone. 2. Trolls are not what you think they are, which may be a good thing or a bad thing. Read more

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