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We're like a sports bar filled with Suns fans. You just have to bring your own beer. Hosts Greg Esposito, Dave King and Tim Tompkins take you on a weekly journey into the sometimes fun, sometimes painful and yet always entertaining world of Phoenix basketball.


220. Should the Suns Trade Kelly Oubre Jr. or Not?

The Solar Panel is back and Dave, Espo, and special guest Jared Cohen finally settle the debate of whether or not the Phoenix Suns should trade Kelly Oubre. Plus, we discuss if a shortened free agency benefits the Suns, Devin Booker's 88 NBA 2K21 ratRead more


219. Could the Phoenix Suns Big NBA’s Best Free Agency Destination?

The NBA offseason is about to get underway but how much cap space will the Phoenix Suns actually have and who exactly should they target. Does someone like Christian Wood, Chris Paul, Brandon Ingram, Fred Van Vleet, or Victor Olidipo fit in the availRead more


218. Debating Point Book, Christian Wood, and a Big Board

The future of the Phoenix Suns point guard position may be on the roster already. No, it’s not Jalen Leque, but could it be Devin “Point Book” Booker? Plus, we have a laugh at Markieff Morris and the Lakers’ misfortune and more on this episode of theRead more


217. Would You Rather Have Ayton or KAT?

What exactly will the Phoenix Suns do in the offseason? Jerami Grant and the team apparently have mutual interest. Karl Anthony Towns might want out of Minnesota. Would they be crazy enough to take on Chris Paul's money? Or could Brandon Ingram be avRead more


216. The One Where Someone Doesn’t Make It Out

Huge show announcement. You don't want to miss this episode With your hosts Dave King, Greg Esposito & Tim Tompkins Watch All Our Episodes On Youtube   Support The Show  Supports Only Private Facebook Group  Follow us on Twitter @SunsRead more

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