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Wavve Link #1

By Luckbox Magazine

If you can bet on it, you can bet we’ll talk about it on The Prediction Trade! Whether it’s sports, politics, financial markets, weather, the economy or pop culture, you’re only a few clicks away from placing legal wagers on all sorts of events and outcomes. The Prediction Trade lives at the intersection of probability, prediction and profit. We take a stats- and facts-based approach to wagering and trading in the prediction markets. Each episode features pros from the prediction trade: gamblers, traders, investors, data freaks, probability geeks and super-forecasters. We also introduce experts with proprietary forecasting models and insights into the outcomes of prediction market events. Whether you live to bet or bet to live, join us for the next episode of The Prediction Trade. Brought to you by the editorial team behind the award-winning Luckbox magazine.


Be a Better Weather Bettor (#44)

Want to be a wiser weather wagerer? TPT enlists Rick DiMaio, an expert meteorologist and meteorology professor, to walk through the weather markets on the Kalshi prediction market platform. Tools he shares: https://weather.cod.edu/forecast/  https:/Read more


Canadian Election Update (#43)

The Prediction Trade goes back to Canada with Toronto-based public affairs consultant, political commentator, writer and speaker Tasha Kheiriddin.  After successfully forecasting that Canada would hold a national election in 2021, Tasha shares her cRead more


Kalshi: Bet on Everything (#42)

There’s a new prediction game in town: Kalshi, the first federally regulated events exchange. Kalshi is now taking trades on whether it will rain in NYC, when Kanye West’s next album will drop, how many people will get vaccinated this week, and all sRead more


How to Bet Tennis (and the French Open) (#41)

From Tennis Betting Tidbits to The Prediction Trade, Jon Reid reveals how he bets on tennis—and his bets speak for themselves. With more than 1,300 wagers in 2020, he netted nearly 80 units with average odds of +144. But today the Canadian tennis hanRead more


Talking Trash & Betting Mayweather-Paul (#40)

When there's a first-rate sporting event, you can count on TPT to bring you the most qualified experts to handicap the betting opportunities. But what about those other sporting events? In this episode, TPT calls on Hard Factor’s Wes Shephard to weigRead more

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