The Dive: Experts from Harvard and Beyond Explain The News

The Dive: Experts from Harvard and Beyond Explain The News

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We bring you experts from Harvard and other leading institutions to break down the most pressing issues for you.


Facebook's Supreme Court Will Make a Major Decision

Facebook has created it own Supreme Court, yes you heard it right, and this Supreme Court will decide in a matter of days if Donald Trump can be let back in. To talk to us about how this body came to be, what a Harvard professor’s college friendshiRead more


What Do AIDS and COVID Have In Common?

When COVID hit, it sent a chilling message to those who have lived through the HIV epidemic --  the last big one in the US -- and know very well what can happen when governments ignore people in a health crisis and when poor countries can't afford thRead more


How Does The Pandemic End?

Dr Ashish Jha, Dean of the Brown University School of Public Health and one of the most important voices on COVID-19, lets us know how optimistic we can be, what kind of summer we should be expecting and how high of a risk there is for a variant to bRead more


What Do We Do About China?

For all the controversy about China’s relationship with the West, you cannot deny two things: it involves everything from nuclear weapons to climate change, and the stakes -- for the world -- are high. There is no one better to discuss this with thRead more


New Variants: How Worried Should We Be?

It has been a little over a year since we started to grapple with the pandemic. Just as we were celebrating the incredible scientific efforts that brought us the vaccines, we now see that the virus is mutating into new variants. These variants are Read more

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