The Sachiko Show

The Sachiko Show

By Sachiko Tiana

On "The Sachiko Show" Podcast, we humanize entrepreneurs, artists, creators and celebrities. We share incredible expertise and also hone in on the power of peoples’ stories, particularly stories of triumph over trauma. We will dive into all the things. Music. Healing. Entrepreneurship. Spirituality. Pop Culture and LIFE. Let’s PLAY, have a couple laughs, shed a couple tears and get inspired to deeper self-love, confidence and belief without all of that toxic positivity and hustle culture B.S! If you want to connect more, visit!


Momtrepreneuring and Cycle-Breaking with Cynthia Ngoy

Cynthia Ngoy is a mom, cycle breaker, and transformational business and mindset coach, who specializes in helping you unlock your Authentic Expression in your life AND your socials. Her mission is to empower women to do the pivotal inner work to healRead more


2023: Ease, Surrender & Manifesting

Sachiko discusses her theme for 2023 and some really powerful spiritual processes to help with manifesting your dream life. As a distinctly different process from the oft-beloved SMART GOALS process, Sachiko discusses how she creates her dream, visuaRead more


Manifesting & Worthiness

If you’ve ever struggled to manifest your desires, here are some reasons you might be having trouble and an exact step-by-step process to help you create the foundation required for manifestation to work. Check out for more supRead more


TeaTime with The Girls - Subpar Episode

Though we tend to “wing it” most of the time, this episode takes that to a new level! It’s definitely not our fave, so listen at your own discretion. To connect with Sachiko, please visit, check out her music, journal, upcoming Read more


TeaTime with The Girls - Toxic Forgiveness

On today’s episode of TeaTime, Sachiko & Zenobia dive into a colorful discussion about toxic forgiveness. Creating their own “groundbreaking” definition for forgiveness, they discuss how they process forgiveness in different ways and how forgiveness Read more

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