UnBoxing “God”

UnBoxing “God”

By McCall

An Uninhibited Exploration of Spirituality for the sake of Recovery


An UnBoxing “God” Complete Convo: Mom of TikTok, Samantha Howsden Ward @MONW0102, talks to McCall

In this episode, you’ll get to know the captivating ‘Mom of TikTok’, Samantha Howsden Ward aka @MONW0102. She shares her spiritual evolution, which developed from a God-FEARing relationship as a child, with a Bible beating, mentally ill mother.... inRead more


A Thanksgiving Al-Anon Speaker Lead (McCall - Los Angeles, CA. - 11/26/20)

On Thursday night (Nov. 26th, 2020), McCall had the honor and opportunity to share her story of Experience, Strength and Hope - for an online, quarantined, holiday, Zoom call conference. The childhood memories that flowed forth were thanksgiving miraRead more


Love + Boundaries: English Muffin Intimacy [Episode 12.3]

For the final episode of Season One, McCall and her husband, Kyle, disclose their journey through a very unhealthy relationship and into the intimate and loving marriage they now enjoy. With five guests, this is a Jam Packed episode... which make makRead more


Wonder, Awe + Bliss [Episode #12.2]

In this episode, McCall unboxes awe and wonder.  She contemplates the causes and effects of her own limited opportunities to experience awe as a child and endeavors to discover the benefits, and possible downsides of awe. McCall explores the history Read more


Sacred Geometry: Significant Shapes, Perennial Patterns + Divine Digits [Episode #12.1]

Sacred Geometry: Understanding the Underling Meanings of Shapes + Patterns In this episode of Unboxing God, we talk about sacred geometry and the meaning and connection of certain shapes, like the square, circle, and triangle. Is the ultimate answer Read more

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