UnBoxing “God”

UnBoxing “God”

By McCall

An Uninhibited Exploration of Spirituality for the sake of Recovery

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McCall - Main Al-Anon Speaker lead [07-13-2019]

Fact: Explaining Sacred Geometry and Vortex Math for a podcast... audio and no visuals... suffice to say: It is a BEAST. And although I have been working diligently on an epic episode all about Sacred Shapes, Divine Digits + Persistent Patterns - it’Read more


Balance: Safety in the Center [Episode #12]

Regardless of whether you want to complete your basketball season, get from point A to point B, or deliver a healthy baby... the safest place to be is cushioned in the middle of a protective “bubble”.     This week's episode really packs a punch - anRead more


UnBoxing God: Original Teaser

PLEASE... check out UBG Trailer 2.0  - A LOT has happened since March 20, 2020 - when McCall first recorded this one!!! (What IS that music?!?!) We are UnBoxing "God" - Because sometimes tackling an "un"manageable life requires the help of an "uRead more


UnBoxing "God" with Cassidy and McCall - Teaser 2.0

Because sometimes tackling an unmanageable life requires the help of an unorthodox higher power.  Each week we will dig into a topic that challenges us... from the "God" in 12 Step Recovery, to Social Justice issues like Gender, Race and ArrangeRead more


UBG's Indigenous Peoples' Day "Un"episode (10/12/20)

Today has been known as Columbus Day for over a century but federally recognized since 1934. In more recent years, however, October 12th (or the second Monday of October) has come to be known as Indigenous Peoples’ Day.  Today we celebrate, honor, anRead more

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