Wavve Link #1

Wavve Link #1

By Brunch Comedy

Comedians, Canadians, Celine Dion-enthusiasts and un-biological twins Kerri Donaldson and Allie Entwistle (JFL Northwest Award Winning duo, Brunch Comedy) take a critical & comedic look at their love/hate relationship for rom coms. Join them as they invite guest comedians to bring in their favourite rom com & delve into the will-they-won’t-they world of romantic comedies.


The Vow

My oh MY looks like SOMEONE got hit by a car & can't remember that Channing Tatum is their husband- so relatable! Sound familiar? No? Then you mustn't have seen the 2012's non-classic, The Vow! Join us as we FINALLY get back to our microphones to disRead more


High School Musical with Racquel Belmonte

Once upon a time a made for TV movie launched itself into the heart and mind of this week's GUEST - Racquel Belmonte. This week we tackle Disney's GOLDEN teen flick- High School Musical with true angel & comedian, Racquel Belmonte. This week we answeRead more


He‘s All That

Get ready to be INFLUENCED because this week we dive into influencer culture with the She’s All That remake, He’s All That. Addison Rae TikTok dances her way to playing herself in a movie - and unfortunately we watched it! Join us as we ask the imporRead more


Always Be My Maybe

This week we dive into the beautiful, charisma-seeped film, Always Be My Maybe with Ali Wong and Randall Park. This movie is delightful, it’s fun, AND it features Keanu Reeves - what else could a girl want (amirite X-tina???) Today, we struggle to stRead more


The Notebook

Famous for making moms cry and catapulting Ryan Gosling & Rachel McAdams into the pages of People Magazine - it's THE NOTEBOOK. This week we watch two young people fall in love & two old people die, and tell you all about it! We ask the hard questionRead more

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