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Why We Need to Practice Self- Care

For complete notes, go to  According to the World Health Organization, “self-care is what people do for themselves to establish and maintain health, to prevent and deal with illness.” This term is super broad, and it covers a lot of things. We know we need to take care of ourselves, but do we take care of ourselves? Do you? I had mentioned earlier that I would cover this topic and I say that because of something that happened at work. Recently, I went to work and then found out that one of the girls who came in often had quit and was as not working anymore. I do know that she was taking classes and had a young daughter; I was surprised that she had quit! I wondered was it because work was stressful or was it a combined with other stuff going on at home? What was it? I do not know since I did not have her phone number to call her. I have been thinking about her quitting since. And I ask, what if it were me? I have been in her shoes! Why We Need to practice self-care: I believe the number one reason is to prevent burn out. I was listening to an episode of  Rachel Hollis’ Rise Podcast (Episode 112) and she defined Burn out as doing something that does not light up your heart anymore.  This resonated with me- I was tired at home, work, mentally, physically and I had no passion for anything. Momma’s let us talk- this idea of self-care might be a foreign concept. Our mom’s worked or were busy from sun up till sundown and they are the first to wake up. It does not have to be so. It is so easy to care for others and forget about ourselves. Sometimes we work, and then come home and take care of the home, do school and take our kids to every place. We do not stop and then at the end of the day, we crash and go to sleep and repeat this the next day. It has to stop. It took prayers to God to help me to defeat this cycle! The next reason is to prevent stress Stress can affect our minds and our well being and we end up not being able to be fully present in the things we do. Stress can cause us to think irrationally Finally, to excel in all we do: when we take care of ourselves we are able to care for others, and are able to give 100% to our loved ones, our jobs and all we do! How to Practice self-care: 1.      When was the last time you went for a physical, do you take multivitamins? It is not just for when you are pregnant or thinking of getting pregnant. And men, it is not just ladies who need multivitamins, talk to your doctor regarding your joints, your prostate health, your heart 2.      Exercise. I need not say much here. Exercise is essential to taking care of yourself. It helps our physical, mental and overall outlook on life.  3.        Practice self-care at work too. As a Histotechnologist, I wear my gloves, lab coat, goggles and shoes that cover my toes. If pouring fluids, I use a shield to protect my face and or eyes. For other workplaces, we practice good sitting body positions like Keeping the joints such as hips, knees, and ankles open slightly (more than 90°). Keeping the knee joints at or below the hip joints. Keeping ankle joints in front of the knees. Keeping a gap the width of three fingers between the back of the knee joint and the front edge of the chair. Keep feet flat on the floor or on a footrest. For more information check out the (Occupational Safety and Health Administration website. --- Send in a voice message:

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Welcome to The Izora Podcast, a weekly podcast! Having lived in Nigeria and currently living in America, we talk about a lot of things- food, culture, health, parenting, working and so much more with a different perspective. We share achievements, failures, and successes with the goal to help you with tools to be a better you; regardless of your home country. Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more.

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