Your Pocket Sailing Instructor

Your Pocket Sailing Instructor

By Penny Caldwell

Hey sailor! My name is Penny and I have been a sailing coach with Sail Canada for over 25 years! I have helped thousands of sailors find their passion and love of all things sailing. I'm here to help you live your best sailing life. I provide gear reviews, sailing tips, habits to perfect and much more! So, sit back and enjoy some informative, entertaining, unique sailing content! See you on the water ;-) Don't miss an episode!


#35: Top 10 Gifts for Sailors!

Time for another top 10 list! With Christmas around the corner, here is my Top 10 Gifts for sailors! I also have a couple of other episodes that may help you find some goodies for your sailor (or yourself!) including: EP 1: Top 10 Comfort Items for SRead more


#34: Winterizing!

This week I am back to regular episodes and focusing on boat winterizing! Boo!! This means I'm putting my Spindrift away for a few months, but such is life. I do LOVE having seasons and the shifting weather though, just not the fact that I won't be sRead more


#33: Croatia - Provisioning & Other Boat Stuff

For my last podcast in this series on our trip to Croatia, I am going to talk about our boat provisioning. I'll also talk about some of the boat things that were included, and some things that were not. I've got a pretty good idea now of what the essRead more


#32: Adventuring in Croatia - Itinerary & Highlights

Ah! So this week I am digging into where we went and what we did. SO FUN!! I have really had a hard time getting back to reality. I want boat life back :-( So simple and satisfying. Forget this school and work rubbish! Next week I will talk about proRead more


#31: Chartering in Croatia - Packing, Food & Boat Woes

Alright so I made it to Croatia in one piece and now the adventure begins!! But how did the trip go compared to what I was expecting? Let's just say, I was kept on my toes! Why did I pack that and not this?! Alright so like I mentioned last week, I pRead more

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