Your Pocket Sailing Instructor

Your Pocket Sailing Instructor

By Penny Caldwell

Hey sailor! My name is Penny and I have been a sailing coach with Sail Canada for over 25 years! I have helped thousands of sailors find their passion and love of all things sailing. I'm here to help you live your best sailing life. I provide gear reviews, sailing tips, habits to perfect and much more! So, sit back and enjoy some informative, entertaining, unique sailing content! See you on the water ;-) Don't miss an episode!


#59: Sails - Prevention & Basic Maintenance

This week I am diving into all things sails! I talk about: - different foresails - sail parts - typical wear spots - basic checks to perform regularly - best practices to help keep your sails in good working order Will continue with more info next wRead more


#58: When things go wrong... my 5 step process to stepping back and getting $hit done!

I have been MIA for a little bit as Spindrift has been keeping me on my toes! I fix one thing, and 5 more break requiring my attention. I have not been following my own advice and I have been caught up in the weeds! No more I say! So this week I sat Read more


#57: Chartering Step 3 - Trip planning, provisioning and check-out procedures

Coming soon!


#56: Chartering Step 2 - Type of charter & collecting quotes

Coming soon


#55: Chartering Step 1 - Choosing a destination

Coming soon

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