A Different Reality

A Different Reality

By Julia Sotas

What else is possible beyond this reality that you haven't yet chosen? Julia Sotas is an Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator that has weekly guests talking about the amazing world of Consciousness.


05. A Different Reality Podcast

Carrying the Energy of Huge Projects. Julia picks the amazing brain of Access Consciousness events coordinator (Certified Facilitator and marketing guru) Megan Hill about how to carry the energy of huge projects and working 'with' people, rather thaRead more


04. A Different Reality Podcast

Julia talks to Ashlee-Rose Jellis about Success, Comparison and Liking You! More Ashlee-Rose: https://www.ashlee-rose.com/


03. A Different Reality Podcast

Julia speaks to Access Consciousness Worldwide Coordinator and all-round phenomenal lady Francesca Fiorentini. About creating your business, from nothing! Find Francesca's upcoming classes: https://bit.ly/francesca-fiorentini Discover more Julia aRead more


01. A Different Reality Podcast

Julia speaks to Human Rights Lawyer and Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator from Saudi Arabia, Ana'a Abulfaraj. Julia was in Saudi Arabia when the Coronavirus travel restrictions started and as a result was in lockdown for a month with Ana'a Read more


Gratitude Exercise for Your Bank Account

How is the health of your bank account? Healing is a source that you are, with your very being. It is our points of view that stop the healing and generation in certain areas of our life. To enrich, nourish and allow you to prosper in the places youRead more

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