Advancing Sustainable Solutions

Advancing Sustainable Solutions

By IIIEE | Lund University

Welcome to the podcast 'Advancing Sustainable Solutions', produced by the IIIEE at Lund University. The International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics (IIIEE) is an interdisciplinary research and education institute located in Lund, Sweden with activities focusing on the transition to low-carbon and resource efficient economies. In this podcast, we will share ongoing research and activities through engaging conversation that is relatable and applicable to our daily lives. In essence, we wish to support listeners in their journey towards sustainability. Look for a new episode monthly!


The "Brainy" Bunch: The journey of a PhD student

What happens when you take a bunch of people from different cultural and geographical backgrounds, ask them to integrate under one discipline or department, and share a profound and life-changing experience? In this episode, we unpack some of these sRead more


Sustainable Finance: Investing in Our Future

Sustainable finance, non-financial disclosures, ESG, oh my! The world of sustainable finance may seem dark and scary. But, in this episode, we introduce many key concepts through dialogue as well as discuss how sustainable finance contributes to wideRead more


Storytelling for Sustainability

If we want to imagine a more sustainable future, we need to be emotionally connected with that vision. Providing the latest facts and figures alone won’t do the trick. We suggest storytelling can be a great way to convey these facts in a compelling wRead more


Energy Communities: a transition towards a more just energy system?

We use energy in almost every aspect of our lives. Yet, often, we do not know the source of electricity that powers our homes or heats our food. In this episode, we explore energy communities as a form of decentralised and democratic energy productioRead more


Missions - A Small Step, Or A Giant Leap?

Missions are being discussed widely within the European Union and beyond as a tool to steer policy, innovation, and research. Similar to other missions – to the moon, to cure cancer, and to eradicate smallpox – the missions-oriented approach seeks toRead more

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