AIMP: Nashville Pubcast

AIMP: Nashville Pubcast

By Dime Collective

This is the Association of Independent Music Publishers, Nashville Pubcast. Hosted by Anthem Nashville’s Senior Director of Creative, Tim Hunze. Bi-weekly, you'll be informed of issues in the world of music publishing, and gain insight as a songwriter maneuvering your career. For more information about the Nashville, AIMP visit


How To Get More Out Of Your Gig

Shawn Wilson joins Tim Hunze to explain how artists and publishers, now more than ever, can now get paid more efficiently from live setlists. Shawn is perfect for this conversation because as CEO of Muzooka, he was able to build a free platform for aRead more


Stop, Collaborate, and Talk Ownership

The Schmidt brothers, Dane and Jordan, are carrying a long Nashville tradition of dynamic brotherly duo's. Tim had a chance to sit down with Dane (Creative Director at Sony/ATV) and Jordan (Songwriter-Producer for Tree Vibez and Sony/ATV) to tap intoRead more


Royalties and How To Get Paid

Wayne Milligan, director of Special Services and Royalty Compliance of Tri Star Sports and Entertainment Group, sits down with Tim Hunze to talk money. More specifically the sound recording rights, and the money from royalties involved. You may have Read more


How to Stay Relevant: Past & Future

Lionel Conway has helped shape the musical landscape running successful, independent publishing companies for over 30 years and personally signed artists Tom Waits, U2, Lucinda Williams, The Decemberists, and more. Tim takes us through the career of Read more


Building A Career With Relationships

Many know Derek Wells as one of Nashville's own leading session guitarists. Some might know him as a music producer for some of Nashville's hitmakers. Few now know him as a music publisher. Tim sat down with Derek to find out how the transition has bRead more

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