Chaos & Culture: Musings From the Minds of Geronimo Knows and "BeMo" Brown

Chaos & Culture: Musings From the Minds of Geronimo Knows and "BeMo" Brown

By All The Fly Kids

Tune into our latest podcast, Chaos & Culture: Musings From the Minds of Geronimo Knows and "BeMo" Brown - A show with candid conversations and objective opinions about Black culture, lifestyle, and spirituality. All The Fly Kids specializes in moments of good taste for the Cool, Calm, and "Connected". You can find all our podcasts series on your favorite podcast apps, YouTube, and The Indie Tube -


Chaos & Culture Episode 17: Gil Scott & The Last Poets Told Us 50 Years Ago

If we’re saying two of the predecessors of rap music told us something 50 years, it means the lesson hasn’t been learned. Bouncing red balls seem to be highly effective as a distraction, while the world continues to turn. Today’s episode includes: •Read more


Chaos & Culture Episode 16: "Black Cool" Is a Hot Commodity and Then What?

If you've paid attention to pop culture and its most prominent Black voices over the past decade, then you've probably heard this statement or similar - "We are the culture!" Translation: Black people's creativity in entertainment and style, along wiRead more


Chaos & Culture Episode 15: Made for Viewers Like Who? - The Unwritten Rules of Black TV

Picking up where we left off on Episode 12 about the Black gatekeepers within pop culture, we dig deep into the challenges Black showrunners have in getting their ideas greenlit by producers and the expectation to write every show with a singular BlaRead more


Chaos & Culture Episode 14: Who Made the Potato Salad? feat. KJ Kearney of Black Food Fridays

Black food anthropology and media is a big deal these days. Think books like Michael W. Twitty's 'The Cooking Gene' and Bryant Terry's 'Black Food' or Netflix shows like High On the Hog and Fresh, Fried and Crispy, to name a few. There are also numerRead more


Chaos & Culture Episode 13: Cheers! Drinks at the Bar, Now and After Da 'Rona

During the almost 18 months of varying social restrictions, a number of changes occurred among hospitality staff and patrons alike. Many within the hospitality industry were laid off, with countless employees leaving the industry altogether. People wRead more

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