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Chaos & Culture Episode 1: Black Pop Culture vs Cultural Traditions feat. Bryant "BeMo" Brown

We often hear Black Americans say, "We have our own culture," but never hear much detail about what the culture is. Some point to hip-hop, others point to the style trends we influence; yet these are examples of pop culture and not examples of culturRead more


Chaos & Culture Episode 0: Musings From The Mind Of Geronimo Knows Feat. Sheba The Healer

Guess who decided to talk publicly with the people again? I thought my days of public conversations were done but here I am with a new show called 'Chaos & Culture: Musings From the Mind of Geronimo Knows'. I called on my good friend and spiritualistRead more


The Myth and Propaganda of Black Buying Power with Dr. Jared A. Ball

$1.3 trillion of Black buying power - Fact or Fiction? Geronimo Knows is joined by Akil Wilson (The BlvckBroadway Show), Anika Hobbs (Nubian Hueman), and journalist Marcus K. Dowling to talk with Dr. Jared A. Ball about his book, 'The Myth and PropagRead more


Episode 129: "The Black Guns Matter Episode" with Maj Toure

We're back with a special one-time episode of The All the Fly Kids Show to have a conversation with Philadelphia-based activist Maj Toure. He's best known as the founder of Black Guns Matter, an organization focused on education people in urban commuRead more


All The Fly Kids Presents Centerpieces: #blackAF + "Sue Me"

This episode is about the quality standards of fashion, film, and tv created by Black people and consumer expectations. What influenced this conversation? Netflix’s #blackAF (created by Kenya Barris) and Wale’s “Sue Me” video (directed by Kerby Jean-Read more

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