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15 Ways To Cope with Kelsey Darragh

On this week’s episode of Anxious Like You, Nadia and Micheline speak with actor and comedian Kelsey Darragh! They discuss Kelsey’s 15-year (and counting) journey with managing her anxiety, as well as her list of 15 ways someone can help her through a panic attack. The three also talk about Kelsey’s struggle with trigeminal neuralgia and chronic pain, as well as what has helped her through it. There’s also some insight into her book, “Don’t Fucking Panic,” and a little sneak peak at her second book deal! We hope you enjoy the episode. Want to learn more about the show? Check out our website: Follow Anxious Like You on Instagram: Follow Micheline on Instagram: Follow Nadia on Instagram: Anxious Like You is a DiveThru original podcast. Visit our website: Follow DiveThru on Instagram: Download the DiveThru App:

About Anxious Like You

As human beings and therapists, our hosts, Nadia Addesi and Micheline Maalouf, understand how anxiety can consume someone’s whole world. On Anxious Like You, our hosts pull from their expertise and personal experience to interview guests about their experiences with anxiety. Each episode will support listeners by reminding them that they’re not alone while discussing actionable takeaways one can do to cope with anxiety. Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more.