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Hearts With India Raffle: A Global Fundraiser for Covid-19 Patients

The Second Wave of Covid-19 has led India into a medical emergency with over 3,50,000 cases a day, casualties going uncounted and constituting 40% of the daily cases globally. Along with the severity of the disease, people are suffering from the lack of health infrastructure in the country. Patients do not have access to Breathable Liquid Oxygen, enough Care Centers for Patients, Hospital Beds, Medicines, and ICUs. There is an IMMEDIATE need for medical help, especially in the rural parts of the country with insufficient resources and infrastructure. In response to this, we are launching a health care mission to support these patients by donating all our proceeds to procure medicines, oxygen cylinders, and other equipments for Covid-19 patients.  One Easy Step to DONATE & ENTER the Raffle:  1. Click here to donate via Milaap  (make sure to enter your name and email so we can contact you!)   For further details, check out our website: Reach out to us on Instagram: @artstoheartsproject

About Arts To Hearts Podcast

How to be a successful artist? How to get over creative blocks? Best tips for creativity ? Finding a arts community that makes you feel at home? Building a thriving art business & studio practice? Welcome to the Arts To Hearts Podcast. A show where we take a peek into the hearts and lives of our favourite artists. From running a creative business & studio art practice to success mindset. Charuka arora talks with her guests about everything that goes behind into making a life & career that you adore as an artist. Think of this as your happy hour with your favourite artists in your studio. Hear charuka & her guests share the messy and the wonderful side of creating and living a heartfelt creative life, within and outside our studios. As you tune in, be ready to be inspired and encouraged. I am your host charuka arora. An artist, designer, entrepreneur and founder of arts to hearts project. Thank you so much for being here! Find more on Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more.