Living Well-Rounded Podcast

Living Well-Rounded Podcast

By Geomyra Pollard

A podcast for creatives and professionals seeking a life and biz filled with grace, passion, and purpose.


105 | Your Peace is Your Power

In this quick-hit episode, Geomyra discusses the idea that one’s peace is one's superpower. Listen in us as we explore the transformative power of cultivating inner peace amidst life's chaos and turmoil. We'll discuss the importance of taking inventoRead more


104 | Forward Focus: The Power of Minding YOUR Business and Thriving in Your Lane with Damilola Okuboyejo

Grab your notebooks and tune in as we dive deep into a candid conversation with Dami from By Dami Studios (@bydamistudiosnnyc). In today's episode, we explore the vital concept of staying in your lane and prioritizing the ventures that bring tangibleRead more


103 | Stop Handing Out Grace Coupons!

Tune in as we embark on this transformative conversation on the decision to STOP “extending grace.” In today’s episode, we explore the importance of hitting pause on constantly extending grace to others and redirecting that compassion towards ourselvRead more


101 | Pollard Perspective: Marriage Myths and Why People DON’T Tie the Knot

Introducing "The Pollard Perspective" series! Join me and my husband of 16 years, Phil, as we delve into the intriguing topic of marriage. Together, we uncover the myths behind why some people choose not to tie the knot. Is it fear, contentment, or sRead more


102 | Stop Hating on the Opportunities You Didn't apply For

Have you ever encountered someone who constantly complains about others receiving opportunities, yet they themselves fail to show up? In today's episode, we're flipping the script. Join us as we challenge ourselves to shift from complaining to supporRead more

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