Living Well-Rounded Podcast

Living Well-Rounded Podcast

By Geomyra Pollard

A podcast for creatives and professionals seeking a life and biz filled with grace, passion, and purpose.


99 | Natalie Franke on the Power and Impact of Community Over Competition

We’ve all heard the phrase “community over competition” before. The question is, how many of us are actually living that mantra? Natalie Franke joins us to chat about the importance of lifting others and the need to embrace the idea of collaboration.Read more


98 | Things Aren’t What They Seem

They say you can’t judge a book by its cover. Most recently, what has become very clear is that things aren’t always what they seem. All of us deal with challenges on a daily basis. Some of us more so than others. Let’s have a chat and discuss the idRead more


97 | Challenge the Status Quo and Build an Intentional Live + Biz with Shay Cochrane

Have you ever dreamed about working fewer hours but simultaneously making more money? How about setting boundaries that allow you to be more present to those that matter most to you? Our guest Shay Cochrane shares her secrets on how she has built a pRead more


96 | Steps to Identifying What Matters Most in this Season

Do you know the first steps to making time for what matters most? Spoiler alert, the answer, uncovering what matters most in this season of your life. Let’s walk step-by-step to unveil what and who matters most to you right now! Summer Systems for YoRead more


95 | Productivity + Time Management Tips with Anna Dearmon Kornick

It’s our dream to have more hours in the day and more time to do the things we love! Our guest, time management coach Anna Dearmon Kornick shares her favorite tips for managing our day-to-day priorities and how we can be most productive. Connect WithRead more

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