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Karen Swyszcz

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Ep.017 -Demystifying The World of Esports: A Billion Dollar Industry

There have been many misconceptions of competitive gaming, also known as Esports, but it is a billion-dollar industry with millions of people playing it around the world.  In this episode, I chat with Arwina Mogul, (Yes, that is her real last name), the CEO of the online gaming community platform,   She shares how her love for gaming began when she was a child. In high school, Arwina became even more serious about gaming. She would go to internet cafes, study the other players and ask questions on how they did certain moves/how long it took them to execute a move.  Her journey into entrepreneurship began with her first esports company she started on the side while she was working as a social worker. is her second esports company - where clients can use their platform to engage their customers through the power of gaming.

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