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Karen Swyszcz

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BONUS EPISODE: Checking In With a Life Update and Reflecting on My Podcasting Journey Thus Far

*Correction: I have been in my current role as a Product Manager at an e-commerce startup for just over a year now. The previous year and a bit, I was working on trying to break into the industry.  Popping in with a solo episode to share some life updates to explain why I've sort of been MIA.  Hoping to add a few more solo episodes to the mix in the future, including why and how I got into product management.  FOLLOW THE BACON BITS 'N BYTES PODCAST Twitter - @baconbits_bytes Instagram - @baconbitsnbytes LinkedIn - The Bacon Bits 'n' Bytes Podcast This episode is not a video episode, but you can check out video episodes (starting at Season 3) on my YouTube Channel -

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