Book Of Leaves

Book Of Leaves

By Ceara Carney

Each episode I interview business owners, activists and other everyday people, to learn how they contribute to living sustainably. By educating ourselves, we can then take a leaf from their book to add to our own way of living.


Empowering the Youth & Women in India - Tessie

Tess is a 17 year old activist with many projects up her sleeve! I got to talk to her about these as well as how the climate crisis is impacting India & what we can, and should, do to help. She is also a fellow Climate Ambassador! You can follow her Read more


Community Ownership of Renewable Energy - Sarah Fogarty

For episode 49 I chatted to Sarah Fogarty from Community Power about community-led renewable energy sources. The work this group has done has laid the groundwork to make it easier for communities across Ireland to build and set up their own own gridsRead more


Why We Need a Youth Led Climate Movement - Saoirse Exton

Saoirse Exton is a 16 year old climate activist from Limerick who is part of many groups, all trying to make the world a better place, from the Friday's For Future movement to the Irish Second-Level Student's Union. She is a remarkable soul and I canRead more


A Journey to Veganism via an inside look into Irish farms & slaughterhouses - Niamh C

I stumbled across Niamh's story via Earthy Cáilíní on Instagram. Niamh is now working as a vet and began her studies as a meat loving omnivore, to finish them as a vegan, influenced to change by what she saw during her placement. I asked her to come Read more


From Waste to Watches (& Sunnies!) - Eoin, Crann

Eoin McGuinness is behind Crann, an Irish company that sells watches and sunglasses, made from what others would consider to be waste. I hope you enjoy this chat as much as I enjoyed having it! Give them a follow to on Instagram Don't forRead more

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