Book Of Leaves

Book Of Leaves

By bookofleaves

Each episode I interview business owners, activists and other everyday people, to learn how they contribute to living sustainably. By educating ourselves, we can then take a leaf from their book to add to our own way of living.


Opening a Vegan Café & Zero Waste Shop in Dublin - Sebastian, The Carrot's Tail

On the first day of lockdown I moved into a new house within 5km of The Carrot's Tail. The vegan café quickly became a fortnightly highlight for me and my housemates. In this episode, I talk to Sebastian, one of the founders of the business, about hiRead more


Periods: Pads, Cups & Shame - Augustina, We Live Our Values

Augustina is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to menstruation. From the eco friendly reuseable products available, to how we should change the relationship we have with our periods, there is nothing we don't cover in this chat. Have a listen or Read more


Bringing 'Eco' into the Event Industry - Megan Best, Native Events

In episode 33 I chat to Megan from Native Events about, you guessed it, the events industry! You can stay in the loop on their insta @nativeevents_ or Twitter @NativeEventsIE. Don't forget to rate & share this episode, and if you can, support on our Read more


Climate Change & Over Fishing in Coastal Communities - Ruth Leeney

Ruth Leeney is a conservationist, fellow activist with Extinction Rebellion, and vegan, working hard to preserve our under water world. We covered so much in this chat and still didn't get to talk about everything, so I know for sure, there'll be a sRead more


Upcycling Wetsuits & Re-imagining "Waste" - Lynn Haughton

Episode 31 is with Lynn Haughton from The Upcycle Movement. The ability she has to re-imagine 'waste' and her drive for sharing the knowledge she's learned is nothing short of amazing! Make sure to follow her on instagram @the_upcycle_movement, TwittRead more

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