The Inner Game with Lindsey Wilson

The Inner Game with Lindsey Wilson

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In 2-5 minute (daily) episodes, former professional athlete, business owner, and master mindset coach, Lindsey Wilson, will take you on a personal growth journey to become a better leader, competitor, and human, one day at a time. If you are a coach, athlete, entrepreneur, or all-around high performer who nerds out on mindset work, this podcast was designed for you. Start your day and change your mind(set) with The Inner Game Podcast: Daily mindset work for high performers.


Get a Bigger Cup

In today's episode, Lindsey asks the question, "What limiting thoughts do you have around the idea of abundance'? Master your mindset, optimize your life with The Inner Game, Episode 103.


The Magnetic Pull to the Next Level

Do you have a 3AM nagging feeling that you could be doing more with your life? What does it take to get there? What needs to change if you feel like you're 'forcing it'? In Episode 102, Lindsey talks about creating flow to help you move to that next Read more


How and Why to Label Emotions

What can labeling your emotions do for you? Lindsey examines the value of labeling your emotions and adds one extra step for an even more powerful impact. Master your mindset, optimize your life with The Inner Game, Episode 101


This Too Shall Pass

Today, Lindsey is celebrating her 100th episode by offering sage encouragement to help you get through tough times. Whether you're struggling, going through a time of transition, or simply a human being living on planet earth in 2020, this may be exaRead more


Why You Should Zone Out

Sure it was never encouraged in high-school, but allowing yourself to zone out can be the mental rest your brain really needs to stay sharp long-term.In today's episode, Lindsey discusses the benefits of giving yourself mental rest AND how to know ifRead more

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