The Inner Game with Lindsey Wilson

The Inner Game with Lindsey Wilson

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In 2-5 minute (daily) episodes, former professional athlete, business owner, and master mindset coach, Lindsey Wilson, will take you on a personal growth journey to become a better leader, competitor, and human, one day at a time. If you are a coach, athlete, entrepreneur, or all-around high performer who nerds out on mindset work, this podcast was designed for you. Start your day and change your mind(set) with The Inner Game Podcast: Daily mindset work for high performers.


Discomfort with Purpose

Someone needs to hear your message, but it's up to you to 'get over yourself' and stop hiding it from the world. This 5-minute episode will give you the perspective you need to share your gift without hesitation. Master your mindset, optimize your Read more


What's Calling You?

Be prepared to take a good, hard look at your life and ask yourself: What am I mean to be doing? In today's episode, Lindsey will help you ask the right questions to reveal what's most important to you. Master your mindset, optimize your life witRead more


20 Seconds of Courage

Often, it really doesn't take that much to move forward in your life. Sometimes, all it takes is just a few moments of radical bravery. Master your mindset, optimize your life with The Inner Game, Episode 190.


I'm a Time Ninja

Today, Lindsey is pulling one frustrating reality into the light: Many of us start our day feeling 'behind'. Listen to the episode for a simple, hard-hitting mindset exercise that will help you reset your brain whenever you start your day on the wrRead more


5 Ways to Raise Your Vibration

The best way to raise your vibration is to actively cultivate it in the parts of your life that you control. From taking action to pushing yourself physically, Lindsey shares 5 high-impact ways to raise your vibration. Master your mindset, optimizRead more

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