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One Off Part 2: CORRI "DER"

Escaping their prison and fighting their captors, our misfit band needs to escape the complex. But when reinforcements arrive, it isn't much of a cake walk. Find out how they'll get out of this one, on this episode of Charisma Check Podcast!  Check out our Patreon and our Instagram! Also try our affiliate's amazing coffee https://foundfamiliar.com/ For 10% off use code "CHARISMACHECK" at check-out. Host and Dungeon Master: Adam Flynn Editor: Peter Johnson Visual Artist, Co-Editor, and Musician: Carl Belue Dee gnome is portrayed by Nathan Wintermute Xytak is portrayed by Jacob Frank Samantha is portrayed as Chris Cash In the Lees is portrayed by Peter Johnson

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A live-play D&D podcast set in the homebrewed world of Akkadia. Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more.