Confidently She

Confidently She

By Rebekah Buege

Welcome to the show that covers christian perspectives in a way you didn't expect. Every Thursday, body image coach & author, Rebekah Buege, challenges the "rules" culture places on women, including the church. Topics range from self confidence, empowerment, biblical living, self image, and more. In an effort to separate God from patriarchy, misogyny, nationalism, and capitalism, Rebekah frees women from unnecessary burdens and encourages women to joyfully steward their body, mind, and spirit. Visit for Rebekah's book and body image resources.


S3 E22 - Worldly Body v. Redeemed Body (pursuing a godly body relationship)

Do you want peace and joy in your relationship with food & exercise? Believe it or not, God has a plan for that. You might wonder, what does my body relationship have to do with holiness and godliness? What does being christian have to do with body iRead more


S3 E21 - Style, modesty, and existing as a woman

Raise your hand if you've been personally victimized by purity culture?? Religion has a lot to say about how women should dress, but what does scripture actually say? What does God's heart say in this? How does the fact women are also created in the Read more


S3 E 20 - What I learned from giving away 10% of my 2022 income

Giving money away releases the grip it has on your heart. This is what I learned from giving 10% of each paycheck to church and charity over 2022. Scripture calls this tithing, but for a long time I didn't do it. When we choose American traditions anRead more


S3 E19 - Being single in the church and its (unhealthy?) obsession with marriage

Dating in 2023 is crazy. There's a lot of advice out there for how to date as a christian and what christian dating should look like, but have we stopped to ask if it's really part of the Christian calling? If you attend any church service in AmericaRead more


S3 E18 - What is body confidence and why does it matter?

As we approach the end of this season, I want to level set on what body confidence feels like in the relationship with your body. There's a difference between body positivity and body confidence. In this episode, I talk about why body confidence is mRead more

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