Confidently She

Confidently She

By Rebekah Buege

Create queen level confidence in your body, career, and 30 minutes a week. This straight-to-the-point show is the podcast for people who don't like podcasts. Listen in while Rebekah Buege (biggie) shares her practical perspective on everything from toxic friendships to menstrual cycling. Casually destroying your internalized misogyny, she keeps you laughing and coming back every Sunday to hear the latest. Got a question? Email us at


When family starts feeling toxic

Today's topic is sooo incredibly important especially around this time of year... toxic family members. When family starts feeling toxic, first of all, you know that you're growing as a person. Our family members are not perfect and they are on theirRead more


When you start being thankful for your body

I try to be thankful every day, but this time of year gets my Scorpio heart deep in my feelings. Really cool things happened when I started being thankful for my body.  When we start being thankful for what our bodies can do for us, we stop being soRead more


When you feel guilty for spending money on yourself

I used to feel guilty for spending money on myself. Like, every single dollar spent. But what I found is that when I started spending money on myself, my relationship with my body got so much better. When I started focusing on quality over quantity iRead more


When making friends as an adult is hard

I hear it all the time and I've said it myself, “It’s hard to make friends as an adult..especially female friends.”   Insecurities, competitiveness, and comparison-itis all lead to unsafe friendships.    The more confident and secure you are in yoursRead more


When you don't know how to enjoy your own company

You have the freedom to enjoy your own company. But… if you don’t like yourself, you’re not going to enjoy spending time alone.     This episode is for you if you struggle to be alone. If you search for external validation. If you’re a people pleaserRead more

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