Confidently She

Confidently She

By Rebekah Buege

Body image podcast by Rebekah Buege helping you build confidence, self-worth, and enjoy life as it comes. Visit for more resources.


S3 E4 - Sexualization, Objectification, and Seeing Your Body as More Than a Tool to Attract a Partner

This one is a heavy hitter! Women's bodies have been sexualized and objectified by culture so much, we do it to ourselves without realizing it. Listen to this episode to find out ways this is hurting your body image and body confidence, plus how you Read more


S3 E2 - Body Goal Myths & Removing the "Finish Line"

Body confidence is wrapped up in the idea of a “body goal” but it shouldn't be that way. Listen to this episode to learn about the tombstone test and how to focus on what really matters. You don't need to reach your body goal before you can be confidRead more


S3 E1 - Body Image and the Illusion of "Better"

Welcome to season 3 of Confidently She! I’m sure you have an idea of what will make your body better. Listen to this episode to get my perspective on how beauty standards have never been about how you look, but about creating an impossible standard tRead more


The Benefits of Growing Slow

Well, well, well. How the turn tables...I'm back for a special bonus episode! Listen in to get the tea on how 2022 has been for me, book updates, how I'm thinking about growth, and how to get more Confidently She in your life.


Expansion Series: When I focus on connection

Welcome to the last episode in the Expansion Series! This episode is about connection, expanding connection. This whole series, don't forget, is meant to be relistened to, replayed, refreshed. And as you expand, you come back to different concepts anRead more

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