Confidently She

Confidently She

By Rebekah Buege

Body image podcast by Rebekah Buege helping you build confidence, self-worth, and enjoy life as it comes. Visit for more resources.


S3 E17 - The super cringy Beachbody rebrand and setting sustainable health goals

Most health goals are really just vanity metrics. You probably learned this from companies like Beachbody and WeightWatchers that used things like inches, pounds, and dress sizes to measure success of their health programs. But that's not health, it'Read more


S3 E16 - An argument against cosmetic surgery and implants

If you've considered getting implants, a nose job, etc. you'll like this episode. Here's why I don't agree with the "it doesn't impact anyone except me" response to questions about cosmetic surgery, implants, and fillers. In this episode, you'll hearRead more


S3 E15 - Kim Kardashian's new body

What does Kim K's "new" body mean for beauty standards? Lots of things, but none of them are new. Listen to this episode to understand the danger of using bodies as fashion accessories, why "extreme" things will always be in fashion, and why we need Read more


S3 E14: Putting pressure on creative projects (unedited)

I don't have all the answers, and I want to be a voice you can listen to when you're struggling. I'm right there with you and working out my own challenges in different areas of life. One thing on my mind lately has been the pressure to have your artRead more


S3 E13 - Enneagram and Confidence Types

Confidence is not the same for everyone. Especially with body confidence, not everyone is going to have a goal of wearing a bikini all summer or going without makeup. You need to understand your confidence type before you can really understand your cRead more

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