Confidently She

Confidently She

By Rebekah Buege

Create queen level confidence in your body, career, and 30 minutes a week. This straight-to-the-point show is the podcast for people who don't like podcasts. Listen in while nationally ranked speaker, author, and body image coach, Rebekah Buege (biggie) shares her practical approach to navigating everything from toxic friendships to menstrual cycling. The way she casually destroys the internalized misogyny causing your insecurities will keep you laughing and coming back every Sunday to hear the latest. Got a question? Email us at


When you realize you're not growing

What can you do when you realize you’re not growing?    Start by looking at your habits and see which ones are aligned with your highest and best. Take note of the habits that are helping you be a healthy version of you. Not a restricted and over-conRead more


When imposter syndrome isn't your fault

The most successful women are prone to having the biggest imposter syndrome. Think about it, you can't feel like an imposter if you're not doing something *big* and important.    I struggled with imposter syndrome when I first got into corporate AmerRead more


When dressing for your body type is a form of self respect

Today we're talking about something that really was a turning point for me and my relationship with my body. And I don't say that lightly...this was THE thing that started unlocking doors for me. This episode is all about dressing for your body type Read more


When parents cause body anxiety

Today's episode is an important one. I focus a lot on how to uncover insecurities and the causes of them related to our body when it's not so obvious. Like how to find the sources of the different insecurities that you may have related to your body. Read more


When the holidays stress you out more than they bring you peace

Welcome back my friends! I'm excited about this episode. This is a big one and it's really important. Today we're talking about the holidays and boundaries. The holidays are a funny little time where everybody thinks that they can use it as an excuseRead more

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