The Connected Generation with Nike Anani

The Connected Generation with Nike Anani

By Nike Anani

Are you a NextGen of a family business or family office? Then the Connected Generation Podcast is for you! Join me, Nike Anani, as we talk about everything concerning you as a NextGen as you navigate your legacy journey. We have conversations on how to champion change in your family enterprise, how to make a greater impact in the world, whether to sell the family business, starting off a family office, philanthropy, sustainability, venture investing, becoming the best possible leader, diversity and inclusion, navigating siblings relationships, life transitions, navigating uncertain times, maintaining thriving relationships and emotional wellness. The Connected Generation is a safe space where we unpack all these topics authentically and with curiosity. We invite guests from all over the world to share, both business owners and expert teachers.


Creating Work-Life Balance, Integrating Feminine and Masculine Leadership in Family Firms and Discovering Character with Sunil Soni

Sunil is the founder of a digital community for next generation leaders in family business called Indian Family Business Network. He is very passionate about multigenerational family business. As a defense kid, he was born & brought up in multiple ciRead more


How to Be a Leader in the Boardroom and the Living Room with Deena Chochinov

Over the last 30 years, Deena has worked as a therapist, management consultant and family enterprise advisor with people and organizations seeking meaningful change. Her rare skill set enables her to strengthen family businesses on a strategic level,Read more


How Afam Onyema Declined Working in Corporate World to Establish a Foundation to Change the World

Afam Onyema was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1979. He graduated cum laude  from Harvard University. After graduation, Afam worked for Hill & Knowlton,  Inc., a global public relations firm. Afam entered Stanford Law School in  September 2004. During Read more


The Keys to Taking Your Family Business From Lifetime to Legacy with Nike Anani

In this episode, I share about my upcoming book, Lifetime to Legacy. I believe that it is insufficient to focus on protecting the future of your family enterprise; focus instead on creating the family enterprise of the future. In the book, I explore Read more


A Guide to Running Remote Teams with Dustin DeVries

Dustin has been living and breathing software development for over 20 years. He is the Co-Founder of Caffeine Interactive Technologies, an agency that focuses on planning strategies and architecture, ensuring that software implementations are straighRead more

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