The Connected Generation with Nike Anani

The Connected Generation with Nike Anani

By Nike Anani

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Are you a NextGen of a family business or family office? Then the Connected Generation Podcast is for you! Join me, Nike Anani, as we talk about everything concerning you as a NextGen as you navigate your legacy journey. We have conversations on how to champion change in your family enterprise, how to make a greater impact in the world, whether to sell the family business, starting off a family office, philanthropy, sustainability, venture investing, becoming the best possible leader, diversity and inclusion, navigating siblings relationships, life transitions, navigating uncertain times, maintaining thriving relationships and emotional wellness. The Connected Generation is a safe space where we unpack all these topics authentically and with curiosity. We invite guests from all over the world to share, both business owners and expert teachers.


Why Your Relationship With Wealth Is Critical For Your Philanthropic Journey with Stephanie Ellis Smith

Stephanie Ellis-Smith is a leader with over 20 years of experience in the non-profit and philanthropic sectors. She is widely known as a highly-analytical, warm, and efficient advisor to mission-driven donors. She has served as a non-profit CEO, a soRead more


The Blessings and Burdens of Working With Your Family with Avi Arya

Avi Arya is a father of two girls and 6 dogs, a street car racer turned hotelier turned Social Media Influencer. He is named amongst the top 25 influencers by Influencive, ranked as one of the top 100 digital icons of the region by Impact Magazine anRead more


Why Estate Planning is Important with Mercy Edukugho-Aminah

Mrs. Mercy Edukugho-Aminah,TEP is a passionate Corporate Solicitor, Chartered Secretary & Administrator, Trust & Estate Practitioner (TEP), Governance and Sustainability Enthusiast.Mercy currently manages, a Private ClienRead more


How to Get the Most Life Out Of Your Wealth with Joe Seeto

For over 23 years, Joe has acted as a wealth advisor to business owners and high-net-worth families, providing financial planning and wealth management services to help them Get the Most Life Out of Their Wealth®. On his exit planning podcast, The RiRead more


Discovering What's Next and Transitioning with Michael Scherer

Michael Scherer is an entrepreneur, advisor, investor, father, and husband. He has decades of experience with business value creation and value-add real estate. Michael is a Strategy and M&A consultant specializing in post-acquisition integration.  Read more

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