Crime In Music

Crime In Music


Every other week, we'll bring you a True Crime Podcast about people in & around the music business and their misadventures into law breaking!


066 - I'm NOT a Person, I'm the 2010 Love Parade!

What started out as the most awesome birthday party ever turned into Germany’s Love Parade. This became one of the largest Techno Events in Europe. Dozens of customized audio trucks, loaded with thousands of dollars in audio equipment manned by the gRead more


065 - I'm Randy Rhoads and I Don't Like Driving AIrplanes!

A California kid, raised in his Mom's music school, his musical dreams seemed to come easy to him. After becoming too good to teach, his guitar teacher told his Mom there was nothing more he could teach her son, he studied music theory and the piano,Read more


064 - We're Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz and We Don't Tolerate Trespassers or the FBI!!

Her father was a a lineman for the county who died when she was only 3 years old. She started her showbiz journey as a chorus girl for the local Shriners. He was born the son of a mayor and congressman, but there was a revolution and he and his familRead more


063 - I'm Kodak Black and Membitta...Timmbuba...Reewitto...Sunnaaa...!

In this episode, we'll talk about somebody from the new school, modern music maker, a SoundCloud rapper and he's from the wildest state in the union, Florida! The son of a Haitian immigrant, he was raised in the Golden Acres housing project in PompanRead more


062 - I'm George Michael and EEEK, a Mouse!

Born in jolly Ole England, he knew what he wanted to do from a young age. After meeting and befriending little Andy Ridgely in middle school, they start a ska band and eventually they land on the idea of a dynamic duo, Wham! Wham becomes an overnightRead more

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