Crime In Music

Crime In Music


Every other week, we'll bring you a True Crime Podcast about people in & around the music business and their misadventures into law breaking!


070 - I'm John Phillips and I Made Folk Music Cool, for a Little While!

He was born and raised along side 30,000 marine recruits at Paris Island, South Carolina. His father was a retired Naval Officer, who'd won an Oklahoma bar in a poker game. After struggling thru middle school and high school, he gets accepted into thRead more


069 - I'm Edwin Rist and I Bought a Flute Made of Gold, with Feathers!

Smack it up, flip it, rub it down, oh noooooo, it's episode 69 (hee-hee). Meet a young man with dreams of musical fame and fortune. He grew up in the States, but through hard work and study he earned a spot at London's prestigious Royal Academy of MuRead more


068 - I'm 50 Cent and I Got Businesses, Beef and Bullet Holes!!!

Born on the mean streets and raised by his mother, a local drug queen. After his mother was killed by rival drug lords, he started selling drugs in middle school. He told his grandma he was in after school programs, but in actuality he was slinging dRead more


067 - I'm Vince Neil and My Pants Smell Like an Egg Burrito for a Reason!

He's one of the legends of Glam Rock and Hair Bands. He was born and raised in California, USA. In middle school he started hi journey to rock legend status by singing in bands at the age of 14-15. At the prompting of their drummer, Tommy Lee, the neRead more


066 - I'm NOT a Person, I'm the 2010 Love Parade!

What started out as the most awesome birthday party ever turned into Germany’s Love Parade. This became one of the largest Techno Events in Europe. Dozens of customized audio trucks, loaded with thousands of dollars in audio equipment manned by the gRead more

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