Crime In Music

Crime In Music


Every other Wednesday, we bring you a True Crime Podcast about people in & around the music business and their misadventures into law breaking!


039 - I'm Ol' Dirty Bastard and I Ruined Welfare for Everyone in the US!

The son of a 911 Dispatcher and a New York City transit worker. He was one of 6 kids, but he regularly hung out with his cousins watching Kung-Fu movies. While regularly riding the train from Brooklyn to see their other cousin on Staten Island, the gRead more


038 - I'm Marky Mark and I was a Punk!

He can sing, dance and act, he's a triple threat. Born in Dorchester, Massachusetts USA to a delivery driver Dad and a bank clerk/ nurses aide Mom. The youngest of 9 children, with siblings who are also in show business as singers and actors. At a yoRead more


037 - I'm Ike Turner and It's All About Holes!!!

He taught himself guitar and learned to play piano in a pool hall in St. Louis. He's worked as an elevator operator, a radio DJ and sat in with traveling musicians who came thru his town. From blues and boogie-woogie big bands, he splits off and inveRead more


036 - I'm Axl Rose and Like This Episode, I'm Late... for everything, sorry.

He was a God fearing, church singing, Sunday School student until the day he found out his Dad wasn't really his Dad! Following in his birth Father's footsteps, he becomes a local juvenile delinquent and gets arrested 20 different times in his home tRead more


035 - I'm George Jones and I Have Stupid Possum Eyes!!

In this episode we talking about the Possum, George Jones! A Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award winner, "No Show" Jones wrote several Country Classics, including "He Stopped Loving Her Today", and "White Lightening." His youth was spend dealing with aRead more

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