Crime In Music

Crime In Music


Every other Wednesday, we bring you a True Crime Podcast about people in & around the music business and their misadventures into law breaking!


044 - We're the Blues Brothers Band and We Aren't Blue, Nor Are We Brothers!

Pop on your porkpie hat, raise up your Ray-Bans and hit the mean streets of Chicago's Southside. Hear a tale about brothers who aren't even related. They start a blues band 50 years too late to the game and have a few run-ins with the law along the wRead more


043 - I'm Bobby Brown and I Can Do What I Want to Do, Right Ted?

He was raised on the mean streets of Boston, Massachusetts, USA. No seriously, he saw his buddy die in a knife fight at 11 years old! Not wanting the thug life, he teamed up w/ some friends & family to form the pop group New Edition, which includes mRead more


042 - We're NOT a person, we're the Canned Heat and Even Death Can't Kill Us!

We cover the musical stylings of the Canned Heat. Episode highlights include: Blues record collectors start a Jug Band The Jug Band turns into a blues-rock band - Canned Heat Band members rotate due to absence, drugs and death Their song Going Up CouRead more


041 - I'm NOT a Person, I'm the Erie Canal Soda Pop Festival!

What do you get when you have 200K people come to see 40+ of the greatest rock bands of the 70's, with only 3 cops and 300 wooden toilets? It's the Erie Canal Soda Pop Festival! The plan was simple, throw a rock 'n roll festival that's better than NeRead more


040 - I'm Frank the Tank, I'm Frank Sinatra!

We're introduced to the land of Hoboken, NJ USA, site of the very 1st baseball game played in the states. He was born in America, his parents, were Italian immigrants. His mother would translate for Italians during their immigration and court proceedRead more

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