Cultivating Curiosity

Cultivating Curiosity

By Sabrina Pierotti

Welcome to the Cultivating Curiosity podcast, where wisdom & stories are shared through curiosity. Season 3 is focused on getting curious about spirituality! Ever since I was a little girl I’ve known in my bones that there is more to life than what our five senses can comprehend, and over the last few years I have been on a journey of learning how to embrace this invisible life force. It’s been hard. There have been days filled with endless questions and confusion. Days of anxiety and sadness. But there’s also been days of clarity and peace. Days filled with an overflow of energy and excitement. Going through this journey, though, I can’t stop thinking to myself, “I cannot be the only one having these questions or feeling these emotions…” I know I’m not, so that’s why season 3 is dedicated to growing spiritually TOGETHER. Let’s explore those difficult questions together. Let’s gain new perspectives together. Let’s shed the person we thought we were to become the person we are meant to BE. Let’s EVOLVE. New episode is released every other Wednesday!


047 | How To Manage Holiday Anxiety

With the holidays here, I felt it was appropriate to wrap up Season 3 with this episode on managing holiday anxiety. In this episode I am sharing wisdom on what has helped me tame anxiety, both during the holidays and just in general, everyday life! Read more


046 | Taoism W/ Tod Perry, Host of What's This Tao All About

As a podcaster, naturally I love listening to other podcast shows. Over the years I have listened to what feels like every show under the sun, from true crime to fiction to self help, but there is one that remains my favorite TO THIS DAY, and it’s caRead more


045 | Spirit Guides + Mediumship With Nikki Novo

Spirit guides, guardian angels… whatever you want to call them, there is undeniably an energy that is surrounding you throughout your entire life, serving your greater good. You might have this vague sense that there is protection and love surroundinRead more


044 | Channeling Messages From The Universe With David Strickel

David is a best selling author, podcast host, retreat leader and spirit channel. Ever since David was a child he has received downloads of Universal Wisdom that he has coined as The Stream. These downloads of wisdom are lessons that have helped DavidRead more


043 | Numerology

***SHOW NOTES***Our guest today is Novalee Wilder. Awesome name, right?! Well, Novalee actually wasn’t born with that name… she gave it to herself. She chose to rename herself because her born name held too much weight, too much heavy energy that wasRead more

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