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201 'Twas Aries Season

Dear Jessamyn is back with a second season! Join Jessamyn Stanley and Ashe Danger Phoenix as they change up the format; bringing you more profanity, sex, talk, weed smoking, and a bunch of other shit that's just not for everybody.The hosts share their set intentions for the week and how rituals ground their self-care practices as content creators and entrepreneurs.In a new segment called Sex and the Titty, Jessamyn and Ashe pontificate on the merits of sex work and if there is indeed a line between ‘professional girlfriend and just girlfriend,’ as inquired by the curious Carrie Bradshaw. Follow us on Instagram @DearJessamyn and find and follow the show on Spotify. There's a bunch more info on the episode like behind the scenes content, transcriptions had find us and our team and more. It's all at dearjessamyn.comDear Jessamyn is a Tenderfire Media production.Our Editor/Producer is Kylee Roberts and is joining us for the first time this episode!!! Chaz VanHoose and Melody Minager do our social media.Janie Leopard does our episode art Anna Rooney make sure the boat doesn't capsize Fruit Snack does our music. Additional music and effects by Patrick Patrikios and SefCholYou can leave us a review on iTunes! Reviews help a lot. Please, if you've enjoyed this episode, even for like half a beat, please go leave us a review. Your hosts are ashe danger phoenix and Jessamyn Stanley. No one should be in jail for weed. Bye

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Real, raw, and rarely sugar-coated, Dear Jessamyn offers relationship, sex, and lifestyle advice to anyone living and loving outside the box. Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more.