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8XL Sometimes Poly, Always Poly

In this episode, we expound on Tuesday’s episode, but in case you missed here’s the tl;dr: our question-asker is curious about the polyamorous life but is hesitant when it comes to times when we’re a little needier of a partner’s attention- think job changes, babies, moving- all the big stuff. So the question is born: how does one do “sometimes poly”? It takes a whole lotta communication, respect, & boundary setting- plus the understanding that once you open pandora’s box, it’s gonna be really f*cking hard to close.We also get into identities, open relationships versus polyamory, hierarchical polyamory, andshowing up to everyone equally. There’s a whole lotta yummy yum in this one, don’t miss it!!Did we mention The Underbelly Yoga? What about the 14-day FREE trial?! What are you waiting for???Our theme song is all thanks to Fruit Snack! Imagine if your favorite band made your very own theme song! How did we get so LUCKY?!Speaking of lucky, Janie Leopard!!!!!! Aside from being a digital cowgirl over at Wrangler, she makes our episode art!!! Life’s amazing when you let it be. Special thanks to Anna Rooney, resident office mom & queen of getting shit done. And Chaz VanHoose! You can thank her for the IG playground called @dearjessamyn.As always, #NoOneShouldBeInJailForWeed, shoutout to We Go High. Drop page.xoxo, Jessamyn & Ashe

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Real, raw, and rarely sugar-coated, Dear Jessamyn offers relationship, sex, and lifestyle advice to anyone living and loving outside the box. Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more.