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How Gay Was Your Yuletide?

Jessamyn and Ashe are sharing cheer, Sagittarius season vibes and plans for a road trip to Cali. Content warning: Talk of violence and school shootings Follow us on Instagram @DearJessamyn and find and follow the show on Spotify.  You can leave us a review on iTunes! Reviews help a lot. Please, if you've enjoyed this episode, even for like half a beat, please go leave us a review.  There's a bunch more info on the episode like behind the scenes content, transcriptions, how to find us and our team and more. It's all at Your hosts are ashe danger phoenix and Jessamyn Stanley.  Our Editor/Producer is Kylee C. Roberts Angell Foster and Nya Williams do our social media Janie Leopard does our episode art  Anna Rooney is Jessamyn’s Chief of Staff Amber Richardson is Ashe’s Chief of Staff Fruit Snack does our theme.  Features music By DAJANA and Sarah, The Instrumentalist No one should be in jail for weed.

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Real, raw, and rarely sugar-coated, Dear Jessamyn offers relationship, sex, and lifestyle advice to anyone living and loving outside the box. Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more.