Defining Moments Podcast

Defining Moments Podcast

By Hoang Lam

Curating inspiring stories of moments when life changes forever. Either you define the moment or the moment defines you. You have a unique story of a time in your life, a moment that helped shape yourself or someone else. This is your platform to share your story and draw inspiration from others.


Defining Moment with David Willis: "Survivor"

David is a 2x cancer survivor (or as we like to say, a 2x champion)! Need a boost of positivity and motivation? Give this episode a listen.Enjoy this episode? Check out our others at: find us on your favorite plat… Read more


Defining Moment with Anthony Crawford Jr.: "Dope"

Anthony Crawford Jr. is a teacher, writer, poet and community organizer. In this episode, you’ll hear about his passion for teaching and helping students in studies and in life. You’ll also hear about how his defining moment led to “spiritual awakeni… Read more


Defining Moment with Paxton Rosen: Student Athlete

How does a D1 athlete balance competing and studying and keep a good relationship with God and his family? How did a tragic, unexpected death in his family shape his life and his love for his family and God? What went through his mind when he committ… Read more


Defining Moment with Sam Humphreys: "Have Faith, Succeed, Have Fun"

D1 Golfer Sam Humphreys is on defining moments podcast to talk about his experience overcoming testicular cancer. Enjoy this episode? Check out our others at: find us on your favorite platform.… Read more


Defining Moment with OKC Mayor David Holt: "Mr. OKC Wide"

From Husband to father to everything OKC and beyond... how does Mayor Holt find time in his day for it all? How did his defining moment strengthen him and what did he learn from it?Enjoy this episode? Check out our others at:https://www.definingmomen… Read more

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