Defining Moments Podcast

Defining Moments Podcast

By Hoang Lam

Curating inspiring stories of moments when life changes forever. Either you define the moment or the moment defines you. You have a unique story of a time in your life, a moment that helped shape yourself or someone else. This is your platform to share your story and draw inspiration from others.


Defining Moment with Cpt. Bill Burt: "Never Too Late"

When your life is on the line.When moments in your life take you on a journey how do you react to those moments?What are some of those moments?How do you deal with them?In this episode we take a deeper dive into Captain Burt’s personal life, how doesRead more


Defining Moment with Jeremy Adams: "Walk Again"

*Language WARNING* You are in a military convoy. Your vehicle is moving forward, 4 members, 1 explosion Your situation is grave. "They say you will never walk again" What's going through your mind? How do you deal with the news? Meet Purple Heart reRead more


Defining Moment with General Thompson, OK Natl Guard: "Leadership"

What does Leadership mean to you? How does Leadership feel? We the absolute honor and privilege to sit down with General Thompson of the Oklahoma National Guard and visit with The General about his life, how he views Leadership, what was his journey Read more


Defining Moment with Gary Warren

A little over 10 years ago, Gary was over 300lbs. Gary went to university to become a personal trainer; however, did not have very much success a few years after graduation.He slowly gained weight over the years going from 190 to over 300. It was notRead more


Defining Moment with John Reininger Jr. "Deafness Awareness"

John Reininger is a long time advocate of the Deaf Community who has spent most of his adult life recognizing and fighting for the needs of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. John currently serves as Co-Chair for the ADA Committee for the City of MidwestRead more

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