Diary for Young Professionals

Diary for Young Professionals

By Clare Rudo

Business, Leadership and Culture packed sessions , interviews, discussions to help you on your journey as a maturing professional.

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Episode 9: Around the world from Algeria to leading Tech in France the Scientist who is a also Creative visionary.

We are all indeed multi-faced people. Isn’t it strange that sometimes we spend a lifetime defining ourself and people as […]


Episode 8: Insights on Rwandas` Startup ecosystem talking Awesomity with Co-Founder Yves Honore

This talk on how the startup Awesomity in Rwanda is equipping their future young programmers melted my heart! Pure Passion, […]


Episode 7: Takudzwa`s story from average student to big dreams and perseverance to growth.

Meet Takudzwa Enthusia – His major goal is to help people plan their financial future for generations to come He […]


Episode 6: Obakengs´ powerful story of rising against all odds to self actualisation as a professional.

Meet Obakeng – a Civil Engineer with so much creativity and an inspiration to other young professionals on what it […]


Episode 5: Vuyo´s story of determination to build a way to the pinnacle of Finance and Energy spaces in Europe.

Meet Vuyo Hlophe – one guy with lots of drive, maturity and an open mind that is taking him places […]

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