Diary for Young Professionals

Diary for Young Professionals

By Clare Rudo

Business, Leadership and Culture packed sessions , interviews, discussions to help you on your journey as a maturing professional.

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Dear young professional – Ownership is critical ! Featuring Lerato Sokhulu

Absolutely loved everything about my talk with Lerato. Creativity is not a thing only for artists – it is something for everyone particularly in the zones we are delving in. We spoke about how to walk into a first leadership role, to some embarrassinRead more


A story of love – Journey of an African expat in Europe with Benedict Mutimba

Who doesn’t love LOVE stories. Find out about the journey of a Black man in Europe as they navigate to find what makes them happy. Meet Benedict Mutimba – extrovert with charismatic charm that led him to his beautiful love story. From shocking truthsRead more


What is mental health?: Meet Rebekkah Frimpong

I strongly believe , there is no better topic to open up the podcast than with something that encompasses mindset and touches on a part of what drives us – our brains and heart to a very large extent. Find out as we speak to public health doctorate –Read more

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