Homecoming Podcast

Homecoming Podcast

By Chae Pounds and Isis Rose

At Homecoming, we address two myths: 1) Hospitals are the safest place to give birth and 2) Black families don't birth at home. We broadcast how Black families birth in love and choose to birth at home, unassisted or with midwives. We interview parents, birth workers, cloth diaper enthusiasts and also feature stories of hospital transfer during planned home births and even stories of loss. Join us as we discover Black homebirth stories in the context of the national crisis in maternal and infant health. In spite of the statistics, we DO have beautiful births! Welcome home.

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3.1 Answering the Call of Midwifery with Nubia Martin

In this Season 3 premiere episode, Isis and Chae interview Nubia Martin a Black midwife based in Yonkers, NY. Nubia is the proud mother of 5 -- two daughters and three sons. Her first 2 babies were born in the hospital. And her last 3 were born at hoRead more


2.11 Doula Shayla Brown's Homebirth Stories

In this season finale episode, Isis and Chae interview Shayla Brown, community doula, childbirth educator and founder of Genesis Birthing and Living. Chae calls Shayla a "pioneer woman" because she broke new ground in mothering in her family. She wasRead more


2.10 Keeping it All the Way Real with Nicole Deggins, CNM.

"Birth is the Revolution," y'all! This week Isis and Chae interview Sista Midwife, Nicole Deggins, CNM, who is one of the leading birth advocacy experts in the US. Nicole, a NOLA native, is a sought-after trainer, public speaker, and community educatRead more


2.9 Holding Space for Grief and Healing with Tayo Mbande

Show dedication: In Loving Memory of Tayo's father--DeShon Reddick, Sr. “Demo,” The King of B Boy Soul. Isis and Chae open this episode discussing self-care and its importance in pregnancy and postpartum healing. Chae also mentions her love for moxibRead more


2.8 Jeanine Valrie Logan: Illinois Midwife and Breastfeeding Advocate

Isis and Chae interview Jeanine Valrie Logan, MPH, CLS. Jeanine is a Chicago-based advanced practice midwife, certified lactation education specialist, youth ally, homebirth mama, ecofeminist, podcaster, and homeschooler. In this episode, Jeanine disRead more

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