Homecoming Podcast

Homecoming Podcast

By Chae Pounds and Isis Rose

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At Homecoming, we address two myths: 1) Hospitals are the safest place to give birth and 2) Black families don't birth at home. We broadcast how Black families birth in love and choose to birth at home, unassisted or with midwives. We interview parents, birth workers, cloth diaper enthusiasts and also feature stories of hospital transfer during planned home births and even stories of loss. Join us as we discover Black homebirth stories in the context of the national crisis in maternal and infant health. In spite of the statistics, we DO have beautiful births! Welcome home.


Chae, Mensa, and the Homebirth of Masara Mensah

Our co-host Chae Pounds just had a baby this March 2021! Chae and her husband Mensa tell us the story of Masara Mensah who was born at home. Chae is a mother of 4 and an apprentice midwife in New Orleans who also works with Birthmark Doula CollectiveRead more


S3. E4. Talise and Arsalaan's Surprise Twin Homebirth!

Isis and Chae interview Talise and her husband Arsalaan (formerly known as Deron). All 6 of their children were born at home including their surprise breech twins! Talise Xavier, of Atlanta, Georgia, is a wife, mother of six, author, and homemaker. TRead more


3.3 Giving Birth to a Spirit: Miscarriage as Homebirth with Ellenie Cruz

TRIGGER WARNING: Mention of miscarriage, abortion, D&C and blood loss. This episode features Ellenie Cruz. Ellenie’s homebirth story is special because it centers her miscarriage which she frames not as a pregnancy loss but rather a gain. Through heRead more


3.2 Unpacking Medical and Obstetric Racism with Dr. Dana-Ain Davis

Isis and Chae interview Dr. Dana-Ain Davis who discusses her book Reproductive Injustice, as well as how medicalized childbirth is an extension of slavery, how racism is a risk factor for all Black birthing people, and why we need more radical birth Read more


3.1 Answering the Call of Midwifery with Nubia Martin

In this Season 3 premiere episode, Isis and Chae interview Nubia Martin a Black midwife based in Yonkers, NY. Nubia is the proud mother of 5 -- two daughters and three sons. Her first 2 babies were born in the hospital. And her last 3 were born at hoRead more

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