DnD RAW Actual Play

DnD RAW Actual Play


DnD RAW is a party of friends who mostly follow rules as written (RAW) for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition with unearthed arcana material. We have two diverse parties in our actual play podcast, Serviceable Plots and Rumble Squad, who deliver compelling storytelling with laughs along on the way. On our second show, Rules As Written, we are joined by some of our favorite podcasters as we debate and discuss rules of fifth edition in our endless quest to push the game to its limits.


Sharpened Quill #22: You Crumble on the First Wall

The party begins the journey towards Alaybel as they prepare for the heist of a powerful object. Meanwhile, they each get an opportunity to speak with their imprisoned psionic assassin as she tries to find the weaknesses in the group. Twitter:Read more


Rumble Squad #2:14: You’ve Heard of Me Then

As the party finishes their shopping and gets some rest before the long road to Rumnaheim, the magic that first brought them out of the Rugorim looks to be active again.   Twitter:@RulesAsWritten Email: dm@dndraw.com Discord: Chat with us! “Heroic AgRead more


Sharpened Quill #21: To Power!

With a dangerous mystic assassin aboard the ship the party has a limited window to interrogate her before things could take a turn for the worse.   Hey everyone, just wanted to give you a heads up, going forward we will be releasing episodes once a mRead more


Rumble Squad #2:13: Kill Them with Kindness

The party continue to enjoy their downtime as Dahlia searches for interesting trinkets, Orik visits his childhood home, and Luven gets the chance to catch up on his many letters. Luven does learn some information from some penpals that does have him Read more


Sharpened Quill #20: Keep Your Presence Under Wraps

The party must avoid the guards if they are to escape the city with the information they need. Unfortunately, due to the time constraints of the charm spell, they will need to split the party to gather the information they will need in order to stop Read more

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