DnD RAW Actual Play

DnD RAW Actual Play


DnD RAW is a party of friends who mostly follow rules as written (RAW) for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition with unearthed arcana material. We have two diverse parties in our actual play podcast, Serviceable Plots and Rumble Squad, who deliver compelling storytelling with laughs along on the way. On our second show, Rules As Written, we are joined by some of our favorite podcasters as we debate and discuss rules of fifth edition in our endless quest to push the game to its limits.


Sharpened Quill #2: A Glittery Version of Myself

With the business just getting off the ground, Sharpened Quill try and learn what happened to their old friend Xalvador before continuing their preparations for the Ball. Special thanks to our Patreon Supporter Christopher Reinert for serving as prRead more


Sharpened Quill #1: Stabbing Things and Paperwork

Arc 2 has arrived and Sharpened Quill will go by a new name! Fresh off of their victory in the Abyss the party prepare for some much deserved downtime as they decide to start their own official business, Sharpened Quill. Special thanks to our PatreRead more


Rumble Squad #2.1: Luven’s Birthday

Arc 2 has begun! Rumble Squad spent some well deserved time on Boulder’s lands recovering from the battle with the Fortune Born while crafting new and useful items for their future adventures. Also introducing Rachael’s new character to the group of Read more


Previously in Arc One and Announcements

Hey everyone! Here’s a couple of announcements to help fill you in on events between Arc 1 and 2 of our two campaigns as well as a recap of what happened in both groups. We will be bringing you arc 2 very soon but in the meantime, we hope you enjoy lRead more


Orinthal Redux #15: Clearly, You Have Done Much

The party faces the consequences of their actions over the past few days as they are brought before the King of Orinthal! Stay tuned for after the episode for the epilogue for each of the characters as they discuss what they would like to do followinRead more

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