The Dead Parent Club

The Dead Parent Club

By Dead Parent Club

The Dead Parent Club is a community of like-minded young adults all grieving a similar loss. Each week, Kat and Emma speak candidly about their own grief journeys and are joined by guests and experts with the aim to help you as you navigate this new normal. This podcast will be your friend: it'll make you laugh, cry, and feel connected to people that really get it.


5 Years Later: Do you return to your pre-DPC self?

Someone once said that you 'won't start to feel more like your normal self until 5 years after the death'. Is this true? Is it partially true? Does it really ever happen? In this episode we discuss how our emotions and sense of self changed betweenRead more


The support we need when we're grieving: Emily Untangle Grief

This week Emily Cummin - Founder of Grief Community and Companion App Untangle - joins us on the podcast to share her own experiences of grief. And how these experiences, and the difficulties that came with navigating all of those practical and emotiRead more


I needed to be reminded that I am still me: Rebecca Soffer

This week we're joined by Co-Founder of Modern Loss and Author Rebecca Soffer. Rebecca found herself without her mum or her dad by her early thirties. In this episode we share how the death of her mum then her dad affected her differently, navigatiRead more


The surviving parent: with Stacey Heale

What's life like as a surviving parent? How do you navigate your children's emotions AND your own? In this week's episode we're taking a new perspective on life as a member of the DPC and we got down and griefy with the PHENOMENAL Stacey Heale. If Read more


Navigating grief's mix of emotions

We feel a LOT after our parent/s have died. And it can be pretty overwhelming knowing what to do with the different types of emotions you experience.  In this episode, we share our own experiences of the emotions we felt both before and straight aftRead more

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