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The Dead Parent Club

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The Dead Parent Club is a community of like-minded young adults all grieving a similar loss. Each week, Kat and Emma speak candidly about their own grief journeys and are joined by guests and experts with the aim to help you as you navigate this new normal. This podcast will be your friend: it'll make you laugh, cry, and feel connected to people that really get it.


What's Your Grief? Community & Coping Strategies; with Litsa Williams

Welcome to the LAST episode of this mini series of the Dead Parent Club Podcast.. before Kat has her baby VERY soon! In this episode we're chatting with one of the dedicated founders of What’s Your Grief, a grief support network and website that serRead more


How writing could help you navigate your grief

We hear that writing in a journal can help when you're in the midst of grief - but why? And how? And what about when you're feeling extra #griefy 10,15,20 years down the line, is it still helpful then? In this episode, we discuss how we got into wriRead more


The final words to your parent: Expectations vs. Realities: with Chloe Kent

Each of our experiences of saying goodbye to our parent/s for the last time are different. Whether you were with them when they passed, travelled to the hospital afterwards, or had to find your own individual way of saying goodbye - it's never what wRead more


Grieving at work #DyingMattersWeek

This week is #DyingMattersWeek in the UK - and the topic this year has been focused on grief in the workplace, and how we can provide support to grieving colleagues and staff members. This is something that has impacted so many of us, whether that'Read more


The Physical Symptoms of Grief: with Meghan Riordan Jarvis

In this week's episode we chat to clinical psychotherapist, writer, podcast host and Tedx speaker Meghan Riordan Jarvis about how grief manifests itself into both your mind and your body. Both Kat and Emma struggled with different illnesses, both menRead more

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