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Psych Talk

By DiveThru

Psych Talk is a podcast dedicated to motivating, inspiring, and educating listeners on everything psychology and self-growth. Whether you are a mental health professional or student in the social science field, are interested in psychology and mindset shifts, or are just interested in gaining skills and knowledge to grow into the best version of yourself, Psych Talk will provide you with knowledge and skills that you can implement in your daily life that add up to make a big impact.


Episode 65 | Burnout

In today's episode of Psych Talk, I talk all about burnout. Burnout is a state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress. Although we hear a lot about burnout in the workplace, burnout can happen in other Read more


Episode 64 | Passing the Microphone: Amplifying, Advocating, and Understanding Marginalized Communities with Dr. Desta

In today's episode of Psych Talk, I speak with Dr. Desta, who recently graduated with her PhD in Clinical Psychology and is currently on her postdoctoral fellowship. Dr. Desta and I have a very rich and much needed conversation about marginalized comRead more


Episode 63 | Understanding Trauma with Maddie Spear, LCSW-A

In today's episode of Psych Talk I chat with Maddie Spear, LCSW-A, a trauma therapist. Maddie discusses what trauma is and how she got to working with this population. She shares misconceptions about trauma, as well as clears up those misconceptions.Read more


Episode 62 | Parents & Kids: Talking About Mental Health

One of my most frequently asked questions on social media from adolescents is "How can I ask my parent for therapy?" In this episode of Psych Talk, I talk all about mental health conversations between children and guardians.  I discuss how parents anRead more


Episode 61 | Redefining Failure

In today's episode of Psych Talk I discuss redefining failure.  Failure can mean a lot of things - a lack of success, not meeting a desired outcome, or the inability to perform a certain function. What someone deems a failure depends on the context, Read more

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