UNLOCK HOPE with Lisa Wimberger

UNLOCK HOPE with Lisa Wimberger

By Lisa Wimberger

As an entrepreneur and Founder of the Neurosculpting institute, Lisa Wimberger has worked with thousands of clients in helping them with stress regulation, pattern rewiring, and performance optimization. Lisa will teach you to work through mental blocks like anxiety and depression as well as physical challenges. Your brain is more powerful than you would ever believe. Join Lisa and her guests each week as she brings tools and tips to rewire your brain and Unlock Hope in your future. Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/lisa-wimberger/support


Finding your inner strength to find your outer strength

Join me and the amazingly driven Kelsey Lensman whose commitment to health and wellbeing has helped her overcome her own limitations and create a template of strength, hope and motivation for others. https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/lisa-wimbRead more


Using Comedy to Overcome Adversity

Join me and Surina Jindal in this discussion of overcoming trauma, fear, stress and adversity through creativity and comedy. Surina Jindal is an actress (Succession, Outsourced, 90210), award-winning producer, and public speaking coach.  She is the cRead more


Turning Trauma into Motivation with Devon Levesque

Hold on to your seat and learn how to turn trauma into motivation as Lisa Wimberger talks with Guinness Book of World Records holder and Forbes 30 under 30 Devon Levesque. This is about alchemizing some of the worst kind of trauma into a no-holds barRead more


Neuroplasticity, Hyper Mobility, and Safe Movement with Adell Bridges

In this episode Lisa talks with international yoga teacher and influencer, Adell Bridges. They dive into the very ignored topic of hyper mobility and how to use neuroplasticity and yoga for safe movement. Adell Bridges is a yoga teacher, health coachRead more


Embracing Movement for Holistic Healing with Adell Bridge

In this episode, Lisa Wimberger and her guest, movement expert Adell Bridges, delve into the transformative impact of movement on our physical and mental health. Adell shares her personal journey and the science behind how incorporating movement intoRead more

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