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Elevate Retake is a look at faith as the continual everyday process of learning more about the Bible, ourselves, and our God.


Hope - When the Struggle is Real | Retake

On today's episode of Elevate Retake, we talked with one of the theology students about just what to do when the struggle gets real. This is based off of our message in week 2 of the series Hope Has A Name on mental health. In the midst of your stronRead more


Hope - When the Struggle is Real | Message

Todays message is week 2 of a series we are calling Hope Has a Name. In the midst of your strongest emotions, where do you most often turn? We jump into Genesis 3:8-9 so you can follow along! We hope you can share this with a family member or friend Read more


The Prodigal Sons | Luke 15:11-31

Johnathan Coker explores the parable of the prodigal sons, seeing God’s love through the eyes of the father who cared for the son who left and the son who stayed home. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/elevateretake/message


Hope Has a Name | Retake

We start a new series here at Elevate entitled “Hope Has A Name”. On todays episode we sat down with Aribelle Metzger to talk about the opening message of the series by Pastor Micheal, where we find a fantastic characteristic of God. Don't forget to Read more


Hope Has a Name | Message

Join Pastor Michael for today's episode where he reads from Matthew 12:8-12 and takes a closer look on how Jesus heals those in need not only from physical ailments but even our mental health. Hope you enjoy -- Instagram: @elevateretake Instagram: @tRead more

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